To celebrate Austin’s last year as a 20-something-year-old, we planned a little getaway to California for a few days. This trip also came in replacement to the New York City vacation that we were supposed to go on in September that we had to cancel last minute, so it was nice to be able to sneak away for a bit kid free! (Huge thank you to Austin’s ma and pop for taking care of Scarlett for us!!) We hit up Universal Studios for a couple days and witnessed the all amazing Harry Potter land, drank butterbeer just so we knew what it was, went to the Getty Museum which was beautiful, strolled down Hollywood Blvd, ate tasty food, waited in line to meet the Grinch only so we could show the picture to Scarlett, stumbled upon a free Alessia Cara concert, and made a quick visit to a chilly beach to catch an ocean view before heading home. And because I’m so far behind and still talking about December when it’s already June…I’ll leave it at that. Such a fun trip with my birthday boy!