Moving right along.

Despite us spending the actual Christmas holiday in Colorado, I was quite determined to have Christmas lights up on our house for the holiday season. I mean, do it for the kids, right? ;) Austin was a good sport and obliged – which meant a lot of measuring and researching and calculating to figure out what kind of lights to get, how many lights we would need to fulfill all my wishes, etc. etc. Thankful for him!

Daddy done good! Not pictured are the trees in our front yard that he wrapped in lights so perfectly. I had multiple neighbors telling me that our trees looked like the ones at temple square haha. Professional status!

The day before Thanksgiving we took Scarlett to the movie theater to experience her first “weeeeally big show”. We saw Trolls which was (and still is) a big hit.  She lasted through the movie really well and thoroughly enjoyed herself [+the sour patch watermelons].

We spent Thanksgiving day with Austin’s family and ate lots of yummy food. I also experienced my first “solo” pie making (aka not at my mom’s house with her helping the whole time haha). I did, however, use my mom’s cream pie recipe and asked for some tips via text along the way after ruining the first store bought pie crust I tried baking haha. So maybe not a completely solo experience, buuut I’m still taking it. I think there was enough pie/cheesecake for every person to have their own if they really wanted haha. Now that’s my kind of selection!


Soon after Thanksgiving we pulled out the tree as part of our festive, we-won’t-even-be-at-our-house-for-Christmas efforts. Scarlett loved every minute of decorating that tree so it was totally worth it! Again, do it for the kids, right? :)

Plus those ornaments provided hours of entertainment as she carefully rearranged them each day. That kind of entertainment is priceless to a mama!