thanksgiving twenty seventeen

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thanksgiving twenty seventeen

This Thanksgiving we made the trek to Colorado to spend the holiday with my fam.  All the siblings were able to come this year which was THE best.  Love those moments of togetherness.  Scarlett and Ellis did awesome on the drive there, Ellis slept a huge chunk of the time and Scarlett has just become an awesome road tripper with age.  We could hardly even get her to watch a movie because she had her eye on the prize and was too excited to get to Gigi’s house haha.  Once we arrived the weekend was filled with tasty eating, lots of chatting, bridal shower prepping, cover your assets playing, spiderman watching, park going, christmas light viewing fun (+a coupla unfortunate events in the form of a car dying, phone getting obliterated sort of way – SHILO ROCKS).

Loved every second!  The drive home didn’t go quite as smoothly….

Ellis did not sleep so well, he did not enjoy being in his seat, and he let us know it!  He was going nuts which made Scarlett go a little nuts (she was literally pulling her hair out the last like fifteen minutes haha), and mama just tried to keep her sanity by taking snapchats to share the madness with the family.  But we made it.  And Scarlett asks me every day when we can drive back to Gigi’s house to play with “Gigi’s mermaid and Gigi’s horse in the kid room with the tiny door.”  Building myself up to take the drive solo sometime soon when the weather is warm and Ellis doesn’t hate the car haha.

Overall such a great trip and an amazing Thanksgiving with all the people I love most!

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