anniversary number three

February 4th marked our third anniversary.  Insane.  Aust came home from work with two dozen of these beauties.  Totally makes up for the anniversary spent apart last year ;)



 We went to the delicious Rodizio Grill for dinner with our sweet Scarlett in tow.  She was the best part of our year after all…and her mama and dada didn’t plan ahead :)  She did great until the waiter got a little too close and made her cry haha.  She always tricks em with those smiles!




Then we came home and enjoyed a yummy caramel Snickers cake courtesy of good ol’ Ridley’s.  (They make awesome cakes.  And they’re way cheap!  They even sell it by the slice which has become my major weakness haha.)


So thankful for this man of mine!  Three years later and I’m more obsessed with him than ever.  Looking forward to eternity to come!


Love you forever baby!

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fifty years

A couple weeks ago was my grandparents 50th anniversary.  They are such a sweet couple.  I truly admire their love and dedication and am so thankful for their example.  I sure hope that I can look back in 48.5 years with the same fondness of my love and marriage that I do theirs.  This same admiration goes to my parents as well; they celebrated the big 25 back in March and I am beyond blessed to have been surrounded by their love and strength throughout my life.
Now about this celebration, it was huge.  My mom and my Aunt Jill did an amazing job in putting together what you may call a, “pinterest-worthy” party.  The family gathered in Utah to take part in it all and we had a wonderful time.

Here is a brief pictorial overview of the day…

Decorating the car while gram and gramps were at a movie,

 then hiding out to get this cute reaction shot :)

The beautiful table setting.

The delicious food.

The perfect decor.

And the best people.

 Conan got lots of love that day if you can’t tell :)

Grandpa getting ready to play some good ol’ croquet.

Missed you Shi!

 Later that evening, we all gathered out in the backyard to watch a video of them over the years.  There was some cute dancing happening before but Aust didn’t catch it on camera.  As usual, mi madre has more photos and a more detailed overview of the entire event on her blog starting with this post.  

Seriously though, how sweet is this picture?

Afterward, we took the party inside to open gifts and to try on my grandma’s wedding dress.

She made this herself, in a day. I’m impressed.
 My sisters and cousins were all able to try it on as well, but by this point it was around midnight and there were a lot of picture takers so Aust let them at it :)  You can view the rest in this post.

It was such a fun day.  Huge props to my mom and my Aunt for putting it all together and to my grandparents for making it all happen.

Love you Grandma and Grandpa “Berry”! 

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one year

The year mark has come and gone.  

I can’t believe that is has been a year since this beautiful, crisp, blue-skied day.  Aust and I were talking about how the year flew by but it seems like forever ago that we were in Mexico.  Guess that means it’s time for vacay number two :)  

Here’s a little overview of our one year anniversary celebrations.  
Aust returned home with these beauties in hand and tickets to the Jazz game.  He’s definitely a keeper.  We headed up to Salt Lake, went to dinner, and made our way over to the arena.
After we got home, we had a nice bite of the top tier of our wedding cake that has been stored so lovingly in Austin’s parents freezer all year.
And yes, we did feed it to each other like it was our wedding day…cheesy I know :)

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.  I love him more and more and more every day.  By far the best year ever with a million more to come.
I love you baby!  

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family and festivities

Long time, no post!  I wrote this like three weeks ago but it took me some time to get around to putting the pictures in.  Life got back to its busy, normal self right after the holidays ended.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  Austin and I spent some time in Colorado before Christmas which was a very nice change of pace.  While we were there, we attempted to put together the hardest puzzle ever (unsuccessfully).  Since that was a little too overwhelming for us, we taught my parents how to play a version of the game, Settlers of Catan and spent a lot of time playing that.  They loved it.  Aust also got to spend a lot of time shopping with the girls at all the beauty supply stores :)  He was such a good sport.  On Christmas Eve we went over to the Billat’s house for a fun little get together with the family.  Then we opened up the traditional Christmas PJ’s and enjoyed some quality family time watching Elf.  I’m pretty sure that everyone fell asleep about thirty minutes in.  None of Santa’s secret potion, aka Benadryl needed :)  Unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera so I don’t have any pictures from the trip.  I always forget that the camera on my phone is good enough to suffice.  Maybe next time!

Christmas evening, we flew back to Utah so that Aust could be to work the next day.  A few days later my family came out to Utah to spend New Years with everyone and to take Lexee up to school at BYU-I.  While they were here, we went to the Salt Lake temple with my parents and Taylor and Lynnea and ran into L. Tom Perry!  It was awesome to shake his hand and talk to him for a minute.  Such a cute old man :)
One of the days I was able to go out shopping with the girls.  These were our favorite finds…
So attractive huh?
Another day, some of the boys were able to go out shooting.
Check out them guns!  It was negative temperatures the whole time so props to them.  Us girls spent the time watching a movie in the comfort of a warm home :)

We spent New Year’s Eve at my Goldsberry grandparents house with the Feil cousins.  There was a whole lot of yummy food and aggravation playing that evening.  I took a nice little nap between 10 and 11, midnight was pushing it for me ;)  More pictures can be found on my mom’s blog here.  She is much better at remembering to take pictures of these things!

What’s crazy for me to think about is that it was mine and Austin’s fourth New Year’s together.  Seriously?!  Where has the time gone!  It was our first married New Year’s though so that counts for something.  We can’t wait to see what this year has in store.
A couple weeks ago, I started my last semester of school ever.  Greatest feeling in the world!  I can already tell that it’s going to be a long one though…I’m just too anxious to be done.  I’m quickly discovering that I have had a major drop in motivation from last semester to now.  Hopefully I can get past that soon.

And lastly, since today is the day I am finally posting this, I should mention that it is our first anniversary!!  I can’t believe that it has already been a year.  Boy does time fly.  More details to come next time…this post has aged a bit and I don’t want to drag it out any further :)  Stay tuned.
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