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My five month old is telling me it’s time to jot down his birth story.  I think Scarlett was around seven weeks old when I got around to writing hers and I thought that was bad. HA. After this I’m calling it quits on playing catch up so I can stop feeling overwhelmed and start staying on top of the happening now things.  2017 will just have to remain the year-of-picture-only-memories-stuck-on-the-computer-because-mom-never-got-it-together-and-would-still-be-posting-about-last-christmas-which-was-over-a-year-ago.  Here’s to a new start and more motivation to keep things current!  My babies are a growin’ and time ain’t a stoppin’ and I want to be able to remember it ALL.

Meet Ellis Wayne Anderson.

Born August 4, 2017 at 8:55 AM

| 6 lbs 14 oz | 18.5 inches |

(although I will add that we believe his length was measured a little sloppily – at his two week check he measured like 20.5 inches, so he’s either the world’s fastest growing baby, or someone was being a little hasty in their measuring duties)


So the story.  My due date with baby boy was August 19th, so do the math and you got that right, he came early.  All on his own too (insert hands in air emoji).  After going a week over with his big sis and being induced, it was definitely an unexpected and pleasant surprise!  At my 37 week appointment just a couple days prior to all this going down, I was still only like 1, maybe 1.5cm dilated and 80ish% effaced.  (That’s almost exactly where I stayed with Scarlett for weeks so it really didn’t mean anything to me.)  I had opted to schedule an induction for the 14th of August because Austin had some work travel scheduled and we {I} wanted to have a little more time with him around to adjust.  Dr. Watabe was going to be out of town until the 12th and be back to work on the 14th so that was THE DAY.  I left that appointment with both he and I feeling confident that the baby most likely wouldn’t come before then.  Wrong-o.

The day after that appointment (the 3rd) just started like a regular ol’ day.  My mom was in town (I believe because Mauri was at EFY that week…I could be off), and had gone up to Bountiful that day to attend my cousin Eli’s wedding.  She texted me around 10:30 that night letting me know she was on her way back to our house.  Scarlett was in bed, Austin and I had just been hanging out, watching TV or something and decided to head up and get ready for bed.  Note, I was experiencing ZERO contractions at this point.  Just a nice, normal evening.  I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, and climbed into bed.  Right when I laid down, I felt the tiniest little gush and was like, “What the? Did I just pee a little?” I had just gone to the bathroom so I thought it was weird, but still plausible for my 37 week + 5 day pregnant self haha.  The thought crossed my mind that it could potentially be my water because I had heard that it doesn’t necessarily always burst like you imagine when you think of water breaking, but I highly doubted it because I hadn’t been having contractions or anything that day.  I went to the bathroom again, still couldn’t really tell if anything was “leaking” so I decided I would just walk around the room for a few minutes to see if it kept happening.  I figured if it did, then we would maybe go stop in at the hospital so they could check if it was amniotic fluid or not.  I really wasn’t convinced.

At this point it was about 11pm. I started googling things about water breaking as I walked around the room just to see if it was even possible, and then, a few minutes later, it happened.  Full on water breakage.  Luckily I had pajama pants on and was close to the bathroom so it was contained haha.  Save the carpet!  I think I went into a little bit of a shock because it was SO unexpected.  All I could think about was how our room, which I intended to get all clean and organized over the next week, was a disaster, how the new bed frame we had ordered still hadn’t been delivered so we still were just sleeping on our mattress on the floor, and about how I didn’t have anything packed for the hospital.  And I was riding these crazy waves of excitement and nerves because this baby was COMING.  And the water just. kept. flowing. and I didn’t know what to do with my leaking self haha.  My mom had just gotten back to our house but was downstairs so I called her to tell her what was happening.  Seriously such a blessing that she was in town and staying at my house!  Timing couldn’t have been better in that regard.  She had my dad on the other line and broke the news to him, then unbeknownst to us he hopped on in his car and drove all night to get to Utah.  (Kody also had a secret proposal planned for Shilo that coming weekend so it gave my pops an extra reason to join in on all the fun.)

Since I wasn’t having contractions I wasn’t too stressed about getting out the door super quick.  We called the hospital to see what they advised and they suggested that we come in so they could start monitoring the baby and everything.  I was still in some state of shock, and wandering around because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Austin was trying to help get things together but I just felt so unprepared that I could not focus for the life of me.  He told me that I was “frantically doing nothing” hahaha.  Sounds about right.  I hopped in the shower to clean up and to give the water leakage a chance to ease up so I could get around without soaking through everything in two minutes.  Then afterwards as I was putting myself together a little bit, Austin walked me through one thing at a time so we could get a bag packed in a semi efficient manner.  Thankful for his level head!

Once we finally got everything together we were out the door!  It was SO nice that we didn’t have to get Scarlett up or anything, just left her snoozing away in her bed, undisturbed by everything going on.  I remember feeling a little sad that I didn’t have the chance to relish the last night (and really the last week I thought I still had) with her before adding another to the mix.  It wasn’t going to be our little Scarlett/mama duo anymore that we both were so accustomed to!  And it just felt kind of weird that I didn’t get to acknowledge those “last” moments with her like I anticipated I would be able to.  But those feelings were fleeting knowing that we were about to meet our baby boy and add another bunch-o-love to our family.  And I can now say five months later, that neither me or Scarlett (or dad) could imagine our lives without “brudder”/”bubba”/”bubs”/”Ewwis”/”buddy”/”baby boy”/”bud”.  We’re all kind of obsessed.

^Just hours before it all went down.  Oh if we only knew.

We pulled into the hospital at 1:11am on the 4th.  (I took a picture so we could remember exactly. Must have known it would take me months to write this all down or something.)  Went inside, they checked to make sure that my water did indeed break, and then we were admitted and got all settled in.  I’m now very grateful to the texts I sent my mom throughout the night to help give me a little timeline of events.  I would have no recollection otherwise! By 2:00am I was all hooked up and only 2cm dilated.  We decided to give it a couple hours to see if things would progress on their own before getting any pitocin going.  Contractions did start to pick up a bit and I got an epidural right around 3:45am.  At that point I was about 4cm dilated and contractions were two minutes apart so we just let them keep doing their thing.  From there I tried to sleep, unsuccessfully, but at least I was comfortable haha.  I’m telling ya, these overnight labors do not start the newborn-lack-of-sleep stage off on the right foot.  I had high hopes that he would be a daytime baby…not the case.  I’ll take it for the early arrival though!

A few hours later around 7:50am, I was 6.5cm so we officially made it pitocin free!  From there I figured that if he was anything like Scarlett, I would go from a 7 to a 10 in no time.  And literally like 30 minutes later at 8:32am, I was at a 10!  Probably had been for a good 15 minutes already too because I’m always nervous to call the nurse in to come check until I’m positive haha.  They called the doctor, started setting up for the delivery, and it was go time.  Dr. Watabe was out of town so Dr. Thomas did the delivering.  I ended up really liking him too so it was a good experience!  Much more pleasant than my experience with Scarlett’s doctor.  He came into the room probably around 8:40, a little winded from running up the stairs (he was on call and the nurse told him to come QUICK haha) and the pushing began!  15 minutes and probably 8ish pushes later, our little love was born.

More things I want to remember on my mama’s blog here and here.



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moving on out

What a whirlwind the past couple months have been!

First things first, we decided to build a house! It wasn’t something that we had been considering really at all, but after the opportunity presented itself and after some prayerful deliberation, we felt that the time and the place was right. Crazy how that works sometimes! So in about a week’s time frame we went from being happy with where we were at for the next few years to signing on a new lot and listing our house for sale (which included long days and late nights de-cluttering, cleaning, and touching up to get it “show ready”… I don’t look back fondly on that week to say the least). Our house was listed in the afternoon on August 26th, we had two walkthroughs that night, received offers from both for our full asking price, and were officially under contract about 24 hours later. Insane. How quickly everything fell together just helped confirm that we were headed the right direction.

Another huge blessing during this whole process was getting the lot we got. After we picked the area and the builder we wanted to go with, we met with them to look at what lots they had available. It’s a new area so they’re building in “phases” and we got in toward the end of the current phase meaning there were only about six lots left to choose from. The next phase wouldn’t be ready for another year and a half plus so this was our chance to get it at it’s current price.

Going into it we knew we really wanted a corner lot. I was nervous that they wouldn’t have one available since we were jumping on the wagon a little later than most, plus you can’t build the same model as any house next door or across the street which makes it even more limiting. When we went in, our agent showed us the lots that we could build our model on and boom! A corner. Hallelujah!

The next day before we went back to sign on it, Aust got a phone call from our agent telling us that he had mistakenly overlooked that the lot we had chosen already had plans for a spec home (still our same model) to be built on it. Instant heart sink. Buuut because he made the mistake he would see if they could sign it over to us, and we could go in and switch any of the options that had already been selected for the spec home to whatever we wanted. Hopes again high! He made a few phone calls, made the adjustments and fortunately we were set to move forward! Huge, huge blessing. The lot hadn’t been made available to anyone else since it was reserved as a spec home, and the neighboring lots weren’t able to choose our model since it was already set for the spec, so despite coming on a little late in the game, we still got our dream lot. And bonus, they’re building the 50+ homes in the order they were signed on (some have been waiting since March), but our lot was among the first submitted (as a spec home) so it’s getting built with the first bunch.  Another huge, huge blessing.


So thankful that everything worked out.

The following weeks were crazy. Initially we thought we only had about 2.5 weeks to move out. Commence packing overhaul! Due to some delays with the appraisal and with the buyer’s financing it ended up being about a month. But we were in limbo for most that time not knowing if we would get a phone call saying we had two days to be out sort of thing. It was a pain. Scarlett was pretty patient with us as we tore her life apart and found some ways to keep busy during the chaos of it all.






Mom and dad even snuck away from the mess to go to a Real Salt Lake game one night. Thanks Kaitlin and Abe!


On September 26th, we took the plunge and moved out! Mostly to a storage unit and partly to Austin’s parents house. We still hadn’t closed but it was supposed to happen early the next week and we wanted to use the weekend verses trying to move in between work and stuff. Things were busy so I forgot to take pictures of everyone that helped but thank you to all that were there throughout the day! These were our troopers there from start to finish.







It was one of the longest days ever. And we didn’t fit everything in the truck so me and Aust had to do it again the next day. So not looking forward to moving it all in a couple months but the new house will make it worth it!

As we got settled into Austin’s parents house (so grateful for their hospitality) Scarlett found a few other ways to stay busy.

20150928_174323^^The lawn mower has become an obsession…

…along with the leaf blower.

IMG_20151004_120616^^This Daniel Tiger box was from Gigi. She sent Scarlett a couple new sweaters and bath toys but the box tops it all. She still carries that thing around and puts her all of her items in it.

Snapchat-2821853312869997973^^Can you get any closer Scarlett?

^^She learned how to steal the show. Ta da!
^^Poor girl was getting too risky on grandma and grandpa’s furniture.

The next week I spent a couple days back at our house cleaning and saying adieu. Grandma Judy was kind enough to watch Scarlett so I could get ‘er done.

Snapchat-6010050435461058369 Snapchat-3748821911445322319 Snapchat-2683818130877772999 Snapchat-4844017087589556647 Snapchat-6694537434921282470 Snapchat-1151468402213143399 Snapchat-820322874119038504 Snapchat-7401016599963629216 Snapchat-1267384681060781757 Snapchat-4034630259193475559  Snapchat-8309922847511893960 Snapchat-8554552984304851892

Gotta love my snaps. I felt a little more sentimental than I expected as I said goodbye to the house. It was just such a good first house! And Scarlett absolutely loved that place. But there will be many more memories to be made and good times to be shared in our new house! And she’s obsessed with the model home that’s the same as ours so I’m sure she’ll settle right in. Before we closed (which ended up happening on October 6th) we made a couple last stops at the house to drop off the keys and such. This video gives you a little glimpse of Scarlett’s joy to be back there (we had been moved out for about a week at this point).

It was so sweet but made me feel sad all over again. That baby’s life has been turned upside down!

 Then on October 22nd, after a Hawaii trip, the sudden passing of my dear Aunt Jana, and a whole lotta in between (updates to come), the digging began! Seeing it get started makes it feel way more real and makes me that much more excited.



New house, we’re coming for ya! Can’t wait.

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the past month{s} in review

I’m behind, again.  Why do I always do this to myself.  Fair warning…this is going to be a long post with a whole lot crammed in.  I want to get all caught up before Scarlett turns one next week.  What in the world!

Scarlett is changing by the day I swear.  She’s in this stage where she’s just picking up on all these big milestones in a super short amount of time.  She finally started crawling on March 22nd, just shy of being ten months old.  Then a little over a week later, she took her first solo steps (not too surprising – walking has always been her preferred method of getting around).  My family was even in town to witness both of these life changers for her which was fun.  She’s the shyest girl I know, but she can turn it on for an audience.


Mint M&M’s from Lexee’s bridal shower the night before did the trick.  Who woulda thought?

Then she became our little ten month old.



^^This is what she really thought about it most the time haha

IMG_6401 IMG_6395-COLLAGE IMG_6380


Such a goofball.

Then we celebrated her first Easter.









IMG_6505 IMG_6443-COLLAGE IMG_6442


The week after that, Auntie Lex got married.














You can see all the pictures and read about that here and here.

Then Scarlett started getting a little more confident with her steps and liked playing the walk-back-and-forth-between-mom-and-dad game.

We thought for sure that she would be walking everywhere within a few days of that but instead she got more and more cautious, to the point where she wouldn’t even take one step without my hand to hold.  She must not have been a fan of the occasional hard hit she was taking during her endeavors haha.  I was so disappointed because the end of my hunch over, walk-me-around-for-hours-mama, I’ll-throw-a-tantrum-til-you-do days seemed right at my fingertips!  Some may have called it naive, but I was 100 percent sure that my life would get so much easier when she started walking on her own. (And people, it has.  I’m in heaven with my walking girl.) For anyone that’s spent a decent amount of time around our sweet little Scarlett, you get me.  I just call it mama’s girl to the extreme.

On April 27th I took Scarlett for her first swim at the pool with Brittney and Ollie.  I was a little nervous about how she would react but she loved it (even though her face in most these pictures suggests otherwise).  It’s our new fave activity around here.






And then she was our eleven month old.


^^”Really, guys? This again?”


^^”They call me tubby.”


^^”Eh I guess this isn’t so bad.”


^^”Wait, I’m eleven months old? Say whaaat!?”

Right there with you girl, right there with you.  Time flies unbelievably fast.

Then this past Friday, May 15th, she decided she was ready and started really walking!  I didn’t have to be there on the other end coercing her, her little hand wasn’t glued to mine every waking hour of the day, it. was. awesome.  She’s definitely still a little wobbly but her confidence is growing more and more everyday.  She still likes to hold my hand if I’m there to offer it to her, and you can see the nervous look on her face every time she’s walking an extra long stretch but it’s quickly fading away.  She’s especially cautious on the tile which is nice because I don’t have to worry as much that she’s gonna do something crazy.  It’s even gotten to the point this week where I don’t feel like I have to be right there to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself too badly, she’s getting the balance thing down pat and I am loving it.

This week we’ve just been prepping for her party and trying to wrap our minds around how it’s already been a year!


While we were out shopping we naturally had to try a party hat on, she refuses to wear anything on her head so I wanted to see if it was at all possible.  To my surprise, she was pretty ok with it!  I think she felt beautiful.  Hopefully she’ll like it just as much next week.



^^Then I couldn’t leave these out from earlier this week, I mean those babies!!  We still grocery shop with Kaitlin and Bennett pretty much weekly.  We love it.  And them.

And finally to wrap things up, Tuesday night we were able to go to the Payson Temple open house with some friends.  It is the prettiest temple, definitely a must see!


So so thankful for temples and eternal families.  We are blessed!

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blessing day

On July 6, 2014 Austin was able to bless our baby girl!  He gave her a beautiful blessing and is just such a great dad.  He loves his little Scarlett more than anything!  She is so blessed to have him and I’m beyond grateful to be married to a man who honors his priesthood and can share that with our family.

We are the lucky ones with 9am church this year which made things a little stressful, but we still managed to snap a few quick pictures before heading over to the church.  My mom was a lifesaver to say the least!  She took care of all the brunch prep work so I could just focus on getting myself and this baby of ours ready for her special day.  I love the post my mom wrote which can be read here.  She captured all the little details that my month-later-post lacks :)  Thanks for the perfect memories mama!








After sacrament meeting we enjoyed a lovely brunch with our family and friends at a nearby park.










(P.S. Congrats to these ^^ cute parents who had their baby boy this morning!  Welcome to the world baby Oliver!)
















Scarlett was an angel.  She generally isn’t too fond of being passed around but she slept through the entire brunch giving everyone a chance to get their hands on her :)  She was actually awake during her blessing but didn’t make a peep, such a relief!  The day seriously couldn’t have gone any better.

After we got home she was one happy baby to get out of that dress.


Sprawled out and relaxed!  I am so in love with her.

  Huge thanks to my mom for all of her help and to all our friends and family that shared the day with us!

It was the sweetest day.

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