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/Building a House

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What a whirlwind the past couple months have been!

First things first, we decided to build a house! It wasn’t something that we had been considering really at all, but after the opportunity presented itself and after some prayerful deliberation, we felt that the time and the place was right. Crazy how that works sometimes! So in about a week’s time frame we went from being happy with where we were at for the next few years to signing on a new lot and listing our house for sale (which included long days and late nights de-cluttering, cleaning, and touching up to get it “show ready”… I don’t look back fondly on that week to say the least). Our house was listed in the afternoon on August 26th, we had two walkthroughs that night, received offers from both for our full asking price, and were officially under contract about 24 hours later. Insane. How quickly everything fell together just helped confirm that we were headed the right direction.

Another huge blessing during this whole process was getting the lot we got. After we picked the area and the builder we wanted to go with, we met with them to look at what lots they had available. It’s a new area so they’re building in “phases” and we got in toward the end of the current phase meaning there were only about six lots left to choose from. The next phase wouldn’t be ready for another year and a half plus so this was our chance to get it at it’s current price.

Going into it we knew we really wanted a corner lot. I was nervous that they wouldn’t have one available since we were jumping on the wagon a little later than most, plus you can’t build the same model as any house next door or across the street which makes it even more limiting. When we went in, our agent showed us the lots that we could build our model on and boom! A corner. Hallelujah!

The next day before we went back to sign on it, Aust got a phone call from our agent telling us that he had mistakenly overlooked that the lot we had chosen already had plans for a spec home (still our same model) to be built on it. Instant heart sink. Buuut because he made the mistake he would see if they could sign it over to us, and we could go in and switch any of the options that had already been selected for the spec home to whatever we wanted. Hopes again high! He made a few phone calls, made the adjustments and fortunately we were set to move forward! Huge, huge blessing. The lot hadn’t been made available to anyone else since it was reserved as a spec home, and the neighboring lots weren’t able to choose our model since it was already set for the spec, so despite coming on a little late in the game, we still got our dream lot. And bonus, they’re building the 50+ homes in the order they were signed on (some have been waiting since March), but our lot was among the first submitted (as a spec home) so it’s getting built with the first bunch.  Another huge, huge blessing.


So thankful that everything worked out.

The following weeks were crazy. Initially we thought we only had about 2.5 weeks to move out. Commence packing overhaul! Due to some delays with the appraisal and with the buyer’s financing it ended up being about a month. But we were in limbo for most that time not knowing if we would get a phone call saying we had two days to be out sort of thing. It was a pain. Scarlett was pretty patient with us as we tore her life apart and found some ways to keep busy during the chaos of it all.






Mom and dad even snuck away from the mess to go to a Real Salt Lake game one night. Thanks Kaitlin and Abe!


On September 26th, we took the plunge and moved out! Mostly to a storage unit and partly to Austin’s parents house. We still hadn’t closed but it was supposed to happen early the next week and we wanted to use the weekend verses trying to move in between work and stuff. Things were busy so I forgot to take pictures of everyone that helped but thank you to all that were there throughout the day! These were our troopers there from start to finish.







It was one of the longest days ever. And we didn’t fit everything in the truck so me and Aust had to do it again the next day. So not looking forward to moving it all in a couple months but the new house will make it worth it!

As we got settled into Austin’s parents house (so grateful for their hospitality) Scarlett found a few other ways to stay busy.

20150928_174323^^The lawn mower has become an obsession…

…along with the leaf blower.

IMG_20151004_120616^^This Daniel Tiger box was from Gigi. She sent Scarlett a couple new sweaters and bath toys but the box tops it all. She still carries that thing around and puts her all of her items in it.

Snapchat-2821853312869997973^^Can you get any closer Scarlett?

^^She learned how to steal the show. Ta da!
^^Poor girl was getting too risky on grandma and grandpa’s furniture.

The next week I spent a couple days back at our house cleaning and saying adieu. Grandma Judy was kind enough to watch Scarlett so I could get ‘er done.

Snapchat-6010050435461058369 Snapchat-3748821911445322319 Snapchat-2683818130877772999 Snapchat-4844017087589556647 Snapchat-6694537434921282470 Snapchat-1151468402213143399 Snapchat-820322874119038504 Snapchat-7401016599963629216 Snapchat-1267384681060781757 Snapchat-4034630259193475559  Snapchat-8309922847511893960 Snapchat-8554552984304851892

Gotta love my snaps. I felt a little more sentimental than I expected as I said goodbye to the house. It was just such a good first house! And Scarlett absolutely loved that place. But there will be many more memories to be made and good times to be shared in our new house! And she’s obsessed with the model home that’s the same as ours so I’m sure she’ll settle right in. Before we closed (which ended up happening on October 6th) we made a couple last stops at the house to drop off the keys and such. This video gives you a little glimpse of Scarlett’s joy to be back there (we had been moved out for about a week at this point).

It was so sweet but made me feel sad all over again. That baby’s life has been turned upside down!

 Then on October 22nd, after a Hawaii trip, the sudden passing of my dear Aunt Jana, and a whole lotta in between (updates to come), the digging began! Seeing it get started makes it feel way more real and makes me that much more excited.



New house, we’re coming for ya! Can’t wait.

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