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I’ve spent the last few months trying to decide the best way for me to document things…Keep blogging since I’m really great at staying on top of it? Blog and try and do some sort of online scrapbook that I could get printed every year? Go the chatbook route just to at least have something printed to look back on? Then the question is do I make one family book or an individual book for each kid? I just don’t know. I also feel like if I make any sort of book I would have to start back from when Scarlett was born which is overwhelming to me. Well guess what…she’s not getting any younger! The task is growing greater with each passing day haha. Just. Can’t. Decide. What I do know is I’ve spent a whole lot of time thinking and zero time doing. That’s not getting me anywhere so I’m catching up slightly on here. That is a start.

So Fall.

I feel like we actually experienced somewhat of a Fall season last year because we escaped October without snow! Always a nice bonus. We spent a good portion of our October month enjoying some of the staple, Utah Fall festivities. We hit up Cornbelly’s a couple different times, once with friends and once with dad. Scarlett was helping me look through these pictures and you would think she was reliving her glory days with the smile they brought to her face. Now she won’t stop talking about the horsey and popcorn pit and cow train.

Now that these pictures are eight months old, it’s so crazy to see how little Scarlett looks! Time is just disappearing before my eyes.

We also got family pictures taken by our friend Sam way back when.

Love my sweet fam.

And then for the Halloween fun!

My friend Whitney threw a cute little Halloween party for the kids. Scarlett thought it would be nice to throw a royal princess tantrum right as we were leaving for the party…and this is what that looked like.

She wasn’t up for the group photo after that ^^ one but I promise she was there.

Then for some first time pumpkin carving with dad.

The pumpkin guts were not her thing.

And then came Halloween! Love our beautiful Belle.

We went trick or treating with Sam and Autumn in their neighborhood which was lots of fun. Scarlett seriously lived for trick or treating. There’s just something about being handed candy when you knock on someone’s door haha. To say she’s already excited for Halloween this year would be an understatement; as of right now if you ask her what she wants to dress up as she’ll tell you Wonder Woman. And baby brother will be Batman, dad will be Spiderman, and mom will be Captain America. (She also reminds me that her friend Oliver will be Hulk, she’s got it all mapped out haha.) I’m actually really hoping she sticks to the idea because it wouldn’t be too bad to whip those costumes together, and I could keep it low key for mom and dad since we’re suuuuch big dress up fans. Time will tell!

Her stash. Girl did good!

And to wrap it up, just a couple more random pictures from around this time frame that make me smile.

^^Scarlett really likes to print things out on the computer. I always ask her what she wants her paper to say and this was her response on this particular day. She knows what she’s talking about!

Love this girl! Can’t believe how much she’s grown since then.

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