thanksgiving twenty seventeen

This Thanksgiving we made the trek to Colorado to spend the holiday with my fam.  All the siblings were able to come this year which was THE best.  Love those moments of togetherness.  Scarlett and Ellis did awesome on the drive there, Ellis slept a huge chunk of the time and Scarlett has just become an awesome road tripper with age.  We could hardly even get her to watch a movie because she had her eye on the prize and was too excited to get to Gigi’s house haha.  Once we arrived the weekend was filled with tasty eating, lots of chatting, bridal shower prepping, cover your assets playing, spiderman watching, park going, christmas light viewing fun (+a coupla unfortunate events in the form of a car dying, phone getting obliterated sort of way – SHILO ROCKS).

Loved every second!  The drive home didn’t go quite as smoothly….

Ellis did not sleep so well, he did not enjoy being in his seat, and he let us know it!  He was going nuts which made Scarlett go a little nuts (she was literally pulling her hair out the last like fifteen minutes haha), and mama just tried to keep her sanity by taking snapchats to share the madness with the family.  But we made it.  And Scarlett asks me every day when we can drive back to Gigi’s house to play with “Gigi’s mermaid and Gigi’s horse in the kid room with the tiny door.”  Building myself up to take the drive solo sometime soon when the weather is warm and Ellis doesn’t hate the car haha.

Overall such a great trip and an amazing Thanksgiving with all the people I love most!

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meet ellis

My five month old is telling me it’s time to jot down his birth story.  I think Scarlett was around seven weeks old when I got around to writing hers and I thought that was bad. HA. After this I’m calling it quits on playing catch up so I can stop feeling overwhelmed and start staying on top of the happening now things.  2017 will just have to remain the year-of-picture-only-memories-stuck-on-the-computer-because-mom-never-got-it-together-and-would-still-be-posting-about-last-christmas-which-was-over-a-year-ago.  Here’s to a new start and more motivation to keep things current!  My babies are a growin’ and time ain’t a stoppin’ and I want to be able to remember it ALL.

Meet Ellis Wayne Anderson.

Born August 4, 2017 at 8:55 AM

| 6 lbs 14 oz | 18.5 inches |

(although I will add that we believe his length was measured a little sloppily – at his two week check he measured like 20.5 inches, so he’s either the world’s fastest growing baby, or someone was being a little hasty in their measuring duties)


So the story.  My due date with baby boy was August 19th, so do the math and you got that right, he came early.  All on his own too (insert hands in air emoji).  After going a week over with his big sis and being induced, it was definitely an unexpected and pleasant surprise!  At my 37 week appointment just a couple days prior to all this going down, I was still only like 1, maybe 1.5cm dilated and 80ish% effaced.  (That’s almost exactly where I stayed with Scarlett for weeks so it really didn’t mean anything to me.)  I had opted to schedule an induction for the 14th of August because Austin had some work travel scheduled and we {I} wanted to have a little more time with him around to adjust.  Dr. Watabe was going to be out of town until the 12th and be back to work on the 14th so that was THE DAY.  I left that appointment with both he and I feeling confident that the baby most likely wouldn’t come before then.  Wrong-o.

The day after that appointment (the 3rd) just started like a regular ol’ day.  My mom was in town (I believe because Mauri was at EFY that week…I could be off), and had gone up to Bountiful that day to attend my cousin Eli’s wedding.  She texted me around 10:30 that night letting me know she was on her way back to our house.  Scarlett was in bed, Austin and I had just been hanging out, watching TV or something and decided to head up and get ready for bed.  Note, I was experiencing ZERO contractions at this point.  Just a nice, normal evening.  I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, and climbed into bed.  Right when I laid down, I felt the tiniest little gush and was like, “What the? Did I just pee a little?” I had just gone to the bathroom so I thought it was weird, but still plausible for my 37 week + 5 day pregnant self haha.  The thought crossed my mind that it could potentially be my water because I had heard that it doesn’t necessarily always burst like you imagine when you think of water breaking, but I highly doubted it because I hadn’t been having contractions or anything that day.  I went to the bathroom again, still couldn’t really tell if anything was “leaking” so I decided I would just walk around the room for a few minutes to see if it kept happening.  I figured if it did, then we would maybe go stop in at the hospital so they could check if it was amniotic fluid or not.  I really wasn’t convinced.

At this point it was about 11pm. I started googling things about water breaking as I walked around the room just to see if it was even possible, and then, a few minutes later, it happened.  Full on water breakage.  Luckily I had pajama pants on and was close to the bathroom so it was contained haha.  Save the carpet!  I think I went into a little bit of a shock because it was SO unexpected.  All I could think about was how our room, which I intended to get all clean and organized over the next week, was a disaster, how the new bed frame we had ordered still hadn’t been delivered so we still were just sleeping on our mattress on the floor, and about how I didn’t have anything packed for the hospital.  And I was riding these crazy waves of excitement and nerves because this baby was COMING.  And the water just. kept. flowing. and I didn’t know what to do with my leaking self haha.  My mom had just gotten back to our house but was downstairs so I called her to tell her what was happening.  Seriously such a blessing that she was in town and staying at my house!  Timing couldn’t have been better in that regard.  She had my dad on the other line and broke the news to him, then unbeknownst to us he hopped on in his car and drove all night to get to Utah.  (Kody also had a secret proposal planned for Shilo that coming weekend so it gave my pops an extra reason to join in on all the fun.)

Since I wasn’t having contractions I wasn’t too stressed about getting out the door super quick.  We called the hospital to see what they advised and they suggested that we come in so they could start monitoring the baby and everything.  I was still in some state of shock, and wandering around because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Austin was trying to help get things together but I just felt so unprepared that I could not focus for the life of me.  He told me that I was “frantically doing nothing” hahaha.  Sounds about right.  I hopped in the shower to clean up and to give the water leakage a chance to ease up so I could get around without soaking through everything in two minutes.  Then afterwards as I was putting myself together a little bit, Austin walked me through one thing at a time so we could get a bag packed in a semi efficient manner.  Thankful for his level head!

Once we finally got everything together we were out the door!  It was SO nice that we didn’t have to get Scarlett up or anything, just left her snoozing away in her bed, undisturbed by everything going on.  I remember feeling a little sad that I didn’t have the chance to relish the last night (and really the last week I thought I still had) with her before adding another to the mix.  It wasn’t going to be our little Scarlett/mama duo anymore that we both were so accustomed to!  And it just felt kind of weird that I didn’t get to acknowledge those “last” moments with her like I anticipated I would be able to.  But those feelings were fleeting knowing that we were about to meet our baby boy and add another bunch-o-love to our family.  And I can now say five months later, that neither me or Scarlett (or dad) could imagine our lives without “brudder”/”bubba”/”bubs”/”Ewwis”/”buddy”/”baby boy”/”bud”.  We’re all kind of obsessed.

^Just hours before it all went down.  Oh if we only knew.

We pulled into the hospital at 1:11am on the 4th.  (I took a picture so we could remember exactly. Must have known it would take me months to write this all down or something.)  Went inside, they checked to make sure that my water did indeed break, and then we were admitted and got all settled in.  I’m now very grateful to the texts I sent my mom throughout the night to help give me a little timeline of events.  I would have no recollection otherwise! By 2:00am I was all hooked up and only 2cm dilated.  We decided to give it a couple hours to see if things would progress on their own before getting any pitocin going.  Contractions did start to pick up a bit and I got an epidural right around 3:45am.  At that point I was about 4cm dilated and contractions were two minutes apart so we just let them keep doing their thing.  From there I tried to sleep, unsuccessfully, but at least I was comfortable haha.  I’m telling ya, these overnight labors do not start the newborn-lack-of-sleep stage off on the right foot.  I had high hopes that he would be a daytime baby…not the case.  I’ll take it for the early arrival though!

A few hours later around 7:50am, I was 6.5cm so we officially made it pitocin free!  From there I figured that if he was anything like Scarlett, I would go from a 7 to a 10 in no time.  And literally like 30 minutes later at 8:32am, I was at a 10!  Probably had been for a good 15 minutes already too because I’m always nervous to call the nurse in to come check until I’m positive haha.  They called the doctor, started setting up for the delivery, and it was go time.  Dr. Watabe was out of town so Dr. Thomas did the delivering.  I ended up really liking him too so it was a good experience!  Much more pleasant than my experience with Scarlett’s doctor.  He came into the room probably around 8:40, a little winded from running up the stairs (he was on call and the nurse told him to come QUICK haha) and the pushing began!  15 minutes and probably 8ish pushes later, our little love was born.

More things I want to remember on my mama’s blog here and here.



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a summer highlight

Staying up to date on this thing is definitely not my forte. I started this post months ago so I figured I might as well finish it off before moving on to current happenings. Oh all the memories I miss documenting haha. Thank goodness for google photos and the thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures we at least have stored all in one place there to look back on.

So, throwing it back to end of June/early July…the Syddall family campout. One of my all time favorite summer traditions! It was the first year we took Scarlett, and her first full blown camping trip, and to say she loved it would be an understatement. Tent sleeping was a little diffcult for our (not-great-at-adjusting-to-sleeping-anywhere-other-than-her-bed-in-her-room-with-her-bunny-and-white-noise-playing) girl. But after a few threats to put her in her pack n’ play and a few mickey mouse episodes later, she eventually caved to the zzzz’s and we survived. A little more tired than usual but so worth it seeing the joy the great outdoors brought to that girl.















The four-wheelers were definitely an obsession. Anytime Scarlett spotted the little blue helmet she would carry it around or go sit on the little four wheeler until she could find someone that would take her on a ride. The way to her heart for sure.
















Her best bud. Lynnea is so sweet to let Scarlett drag her everywhere.










Like daddy like daughter.



















On our way home and worn out. And check out that super white bunny, proof of a real good time.

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all that is december

Holy falling behind. Same old story every. time.

I’ve sat down to write this post a few times, but after a few minutes of not knowing how to start or what to say, I close it up and let it wait for another day. And now nearly six months later, I still really don’t have the words, but I don’t think many are needed. On November 30th, my Uncle Brian was killed in a car accident on his way to work. It was sudden, it was unexpected, and hit so close to home, especially being only weeks after my Aunt Jana’s death. He was such a good man and the greatest uncle, always there to share a good laugh with and talk deals (he and Austin bonded over that one, always on the hunt for a good deal). He left behind a beautiful wife and four sons.


Miss him. Love their family so, so much.

My mom always says things best, I love her post here.

I’m tempted to skip to more current events, but I feel like Christmas and New Years and just December events in general are too big of a things to miss documenting (mostly for Scarlett’s sake). Even if it’s almost half a year late. Here goes nothing.

The beginning of December brought Austin’s 28th birthday. Unfortunately, the only pictures I took that day were when we met up with him on his lunch break at In-and-Out. Scarlett was too tired to celebrate.




I promise we had cake and ice cream that night with his fam. Just no pictures to show for it! Happy birthday, bae ;)


^^Scarlett’s first week of nursery. She was not this happy once we actually made it in there haha. To this day…still not a nursery fan. Doesn’t help that there are nineteen kids in there with her in our new ward. And that’s only one of the nurseries. Needless to say, she will have a plethora of friends her age around here, that’s for sure! Maybe one day she’ll like them.


Cracking up at how she held pencils. She has since grown out of that grip haha.


Little hoodlum.



After living at Austin’s parents house for a couple months, Scarlett finally started to get comfortable with everybody. Aunt Rachelle came back home for the holidays and got in on her good side quick thankfully!




At some point that month we took Scarlett out for a little photo shoot to get some up to date pictures…




Obsessed with her.



Then this happened. (Good thing they’re already married now). Congrats to Mitch and Kenzie!


We were extra lucky this year and also had my family in town through Christmas. The Goldsberry clan did a progressive dinner and Scarlett enjoyed her time being Santa with grandpa Billy.




^^Her sweet little Christmas dress from Gigi. Not the greatest picture but all I remember is she was not having it that day…hence the one and only picture. Oh well, still the cutest little dress ever. Worth documenting!


Merry Christmas Eve!


Even though we spent Christmas with Austin’s fam this year my parents still included us in the Syddall Christmas pj’s tradition.


 Excuse the poor quality pic, it’s all I got. Go BYU!


Santa done good.



Getting ready to go see what Santa brought! Scarlett’s reaction when she saw her presents was the cutest. Here’s a little clip of it.

I can’t get over the hands on face after I set her down hahaha. She loves that car.










Loving the cute busy bag book she got from Grandma Judy. In for hours of entertainment! Scarlett is blessed with extremely talented and creative grandmas.



Seestor chat time! Miss that girl!








It was a great Christmas! It’s so fun having a kid who’s getting old enough to think it’s awesome too. Can’t wait for her birthday this weekend.

And since this post isn’t long enough already, here’s a few New Years pics for ya.


We started the night at Sam and Autumn’s house for a fun New Years party. We lasted til about 10:30 before miss Scarlett was done.


So, we headed back to Austin’s parents house, got her to bed, watched the ball drop and took our first 2016 selfie.


 I think these new years get more exciting every year ;) Happy New Year e’rybody. Hope the first half of it has treated you well!

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november in colorado

About halfway through November, I flew to Colorado with Scarlett to visit the family for a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Austin stayed back to work, (we missed daddy those ten days!) but he was able to come out for the holiday weekend with Taylor and Lynnea.

 We played our hearts out at Gigi’s, lounged, chatted, got hairs did, play-dated with Lizzie and her nephew, shopped, baked, feasted, and played some more. A perfect visit!


Scarlett {thankfully} really enjoyed the airport (her new Mickey D toy helped haha). Our flight didn’t leave til like 8:30 pm so I was nervous she would get tired and lose her cool but we made it break down free!



Then she was so pumped to be there that she didn’t go to bed until 1:30 am that night. Let’s just say that started a little bit of a trend so the days and nights were loooong for this mama throughout that first week. Thankfully the good company made it very bearable!


^^My mom had this cute puzzle waiting for Scarlett the morning after we arrived. Thank you, Gigi!




^^Her new found love…Mr. Potatohead.





Scarlett helped Gigi roll some dough and made this masterpiece…



Then we enjoyed a little date night to Red Robin with Gigi and Grandpa Billy.











^^And there was a whole lotta snow.


^^Thanks for the new do mamita! Love love love it.

Thanksgiving day was supa great.



Aust and I took on the cheese tray prep.


Pretty fancy if I do say so myself. Lynnea’s family joined us around noon and we dined on some cheese and veggies while we waited for dinner to finish cooking. Scarlett must have been worn out because after eating probably a whole can of olives, she passed out.


This might sound awful but I had hoped and hoped that she would nap through Thanksgiving dinner so I could eat in peace :) And boy did my girl come through! Not only did she nap through dinner, she slept for four hours. I got to eat, take a nice little nap, work on a puzzle, and play some games baby free. My lucky day. Once she finally woke up we got her settled in for her own little feast.









Love our baby girl!

That weekend we snapped a few pictures for my parent’s Christmas card…




…then went to Crave to really top our bellies off.


^^That fried square on the burger was like half a block of cream cheese. No holding back! And mmm those fries. Sooooo good.





On Sunday we hit the road and headed back to Utah.


So thankful for the time I was able to spend there and so thankful for my family! Love them.

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a farewell

I need to stop even pretending that I’ll stay on top of this blog stuff one day, life never slows down! But better late than never.

Toward the end of June, Scarlett and I made the trek out to Colorado for Shilo’s mission farewell.  Aust had to stay home for work – such a hard working daddio! He’s the best.

We hitched a ride there with Taylor and Lynnea.  Scarlett did pretty good most the way, but around the time we got stuck in bad traffic was when she decided to lose her cool.  There weren’t any exits we could take for a loooong time so we just rode it out. I think Uncle Tay was feeling the tension, driving in slow traffic with a screaming baby is the worst.  After about 30-40 minutes she finally wore herself out and fell asleep. Hallelujah.



Taylor and Lynnea were spending the first couple days with Lynnea’s family so we met up with my mom and the girls and caught the last hour of the ride home with them.  Scarlett was feeling rejuvenated after a little walk in the grass time so the rest of the drive went off without a hitch!

That night, my mom took me, Shi, and Mauri to see Wicked.  My dad gave up his seat so I could go and stayed home with little Scarlett lady.  Thank you thank you thank you papa! Even though she may not have loved it at the moment, the time spent with Grandpa Billy did wonders – a couple days into our visit she was willingly going to him and letting him hold her – quite a feat if you know our girl!


^^We technically weren’t allowed to take pictures in there, but thought we could sneak one in before the show started. This is the best we got before getting chastised :)

Over the next few days we stayed busy shopping and helping Shilo get some of the things she needed, tie-dying shirts, welcoming more company, going to Mauri’s swim meet, eating good food, and enjoying our time together!




Someone was feeling a little sleepy at the swim meet.






^^We tried and tried to get Scarlett to take a picture with Shi. This is about as close as we got haha. Such a loving baby.



She’s going to be an amazing missionary!

After church we had a delicious Father’s Day dinner, packed up and got ready for our flight back to Utah.  We didn’t want to leave our boy completely high and dry on Father’s day.



^^Getting closer…haha.

We made it to the airport (a little bit behind schedule) and I was sooo happy to see that there was no security line.  Traveling alone with a baby is not my fave so that was one less stress.  After walking through the detector, they asked me to stay there so they could do the hand strip test thing.  But oh “there’s no one available to do it so you’ll need to wait”.  Great.  After about ten minutes a guy finally comes over, rubs the strip on my hand, and puts it in the machine.  Then the screen turns red.  I’ve got some sort of explosive on my hand?  Perfect.  That has never happened.  (And side note, I must look like a hard core person because they do all the extra hand tests and pat downs on me every time I go to the airport.  A mom alone with a small baby can be very intimidating, let me tell you.)  Since it turned red they needed to take me in a private room for a pat down.  But oh, “we need two females to do it, and there’s no one available so you’ll need to wait here.”  Sweeeet.  Not like I’m trying to catch a flight or anything.  Fifteen minutes later a couple ladies finally come over but oh, the room is being used.  Mmm loving all this.  Another good five minutes pass before we get in there.  Once in the room, they tell me I need to set Scarlett down which did not go over so well with the babe.  She screamed the whole time trying to get me to pick her up.  Yay.  Thanks for putting my baby in a great mood right before we get on a plane.  Ugh.  Anyway, not a great experience.  We were some of the last to board but at least we made it!  And Scarlett did pretty well during the flight so I’ll count my blessings.

The next week, Shilo came down to Utah to spend some time with friends before heading off.  We met up at Kneaders to squeeze a little extra time in with her.


^^We’ll call that success!

Missing this girl!  She’s already rockin’ it in the field and I know she is going to be an inspiration to so many!  You can read about her experiences here.

Love you Lolo! See you in {less than} 1.5.

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the past month{s} in review

I’m behind, again.  Why do I always do this to myself.  Fair warning…this is going to be a long post with a whole lot crammed in.  I want to get all caught up before Scarlett turns one next week.  What in the world!

Scarlett is changing by the day I swear.  She’s in this stage where she’s just picking up on all these big milestones in a super short amount of time.  She finally started crawling on March 22nd, just shy of being ten months old.  Then a little over a week later, she took her first solo steps (not too surprising – walking has always been her preferred method of getting around).  My family was even in town to witness both of these life changers for her which was fun.  She’s the shyest girl I know, but she can turn it on for an audience.


Mint M&M’s from Lexee’s bridal shower the night before did the trick.  Who woulda thought?

Then she became our little ten month old.



^^This is what she really thought about it most the time haha

IMG_6401 IMG_6395-COLLAGE IMG_6380


Such a goofball.

Then we celebrated her first Easter.









IMG_6505 IMG_6443-COLLAGE IMG_6442


The week after that, Auntie Lex got married.














You can see all the pictures and read about that here and here.

Then Scarlett started getting a little more confident with her steps and liked playing the walk-back-and-forth-between-mom-and-dad game.

We thought for sure that she would be walking everywhere within a few days of that but instead she got more and more cautious, to the point where she wouldn’t even take one step without my hand to hold.  She must not have been a fan of the occasional hard hit she was taking during her endeavors haha.  I was so disappointed because the end of my hunch over, walk-me-around-for-hours-mama, I’ll-throw-a-tantrum-til-you-do days seemed right at my fingertips!  Some may have called it naive, but I was 100 percent sure that my life would get so much easier when she started walking on her own. (And people, it has.  I’m in heaven with my walking girl.) For anyone that’s spent a decent amount of time around our sweet little Scarlett, you get me.  I just call it mama’s girl to the extreme.

On April 27th I took Scarlett for her first swim at the pool with Brittney and Ollie.  I was a little nervous about how she would react but she loved it (even though her face in most these pictures suggests otherwise).  It’s our new fave activity around here.






And then she was our eleven month old.


^^”Really, guys? This again?”


^^”They call me tubby.”


^^”Eh I guess this isn’t so bad.”


^^”Wait, I’m eleven months old? Say whaaat!?”

Right there with you girl, right there with you.  Time flies unbelievably fast.

Then this past Friday, May 15th, she decided she was ready and started really walking!  I didn’t have to be there on the other end coercing her, her little hand wasn’t glued to mine every waking hour of the day, it. was. awesome.  She’s definitely still a little wobbly but her confidence is growing more and more everyday.  She still likes to hold my hand if I’m there to offer it to her, and you can see the nervous look on her face every time she’s walking an extra long stretch but it’s quickly fading away.  She’s especially cautious on the tile which is nice because I don’t have to worry as much that she’s gonna do something crazy.  It’s even gotten to the point this week where I don’t feel like I have to be right there to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself too badly, she’s getting the balance thing down pat and I am loving it.

This week we’ve just been prepping for her party and trying to wrap our minds around how it’s already been a year!


While we were out shopping we naturally had to try a party hat on, she refuses to wear anything on her head so I wanted to see if it was at all possible.  To my surprise, she was pretty ok with it!  I think she felt beautiful.  Hopefully she’ll like it just as much next week.



^^Then I couldn’t leave these out from earlier this week, I mean those babies!!  We still grocery shop with Kaitlin and Bennett pretty much weekly.  We love it.  And them.

And finally to wrap things up, Tuesday night we were able to go to the Payson Temple open house with some friends.  It is the prettiest temple, definitely a must see!


So so thankful for temples and eternal families.  We are blessed!

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a day at the duck pond

The following Friday after our anniversary, Aust took a much needed day off work after lots of travel.  It was a perfect day outside (can’t tell you enough how much I’ve loved this mostly warm winter), so we decided to take Scarlett to feed the ducks!  Days off with dad are the best.












^^How she really felt about being pulled away from the ducks to take a picture haha.



Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day in February! Blessed to call this little family mine.

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Soon after we got back home from Colorado, we took more family pictures with Austin’s family.  It’s that time of year!  It went much smoother this time around, definitely helps when it’s warmer than like ten degrees haha.


Then Bennett got to show Scarlett his new ride.  Love that boy.



Later that month we were able to go to a Jazz game with some friends.  (Thanks Brittney and Jesse for the tickets!) It was also the first time I left Scarlett for longer than an hour or two (her refusing to take a bottle has kept us glued at the hip).  I sure do love that girl, but it was awesome.



Row 23 was the place to be!  During the game they did a competition between a few rows to see who could pass something around the stadium the fastest.  Our row won so we all got free hats!  It was the highlight of our night haha.  We wore those hats with pride!  Plus we got free cup things for going to the game.  And the Jazz won!  I’d call that a successful night.

15 - 1

Then just some random pictures from the month that I love.  Scarlett will have lots of memories to look back on with the 20,000 pictures or so we’ve taken during her lifetime haha.









Thankful for family, friends, and all their sweet babies.  I’ve loved watching them interact more as they’ve gotten older.  They’ll be running around and being little hooligans together in no time.

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colorado christmas

Phewww. We’re back in action. I apologize to anyone that was scared away by the weird “malware” stuff that’s been going on over here. The bright red screen that popped up one day definitely freaked me out. Stupid hackers. Luckily, none of my post content was lost…we just had to delete the entire site and build it from scratch. Such. A. Pain. Hence my major lack of motivation to blog. And the work in progress design. Here’s to hoping that never happens again!

So Christmas! It was perfect. We gathered in Colorado and the entire family was together for the first time (for Christmas that is) since years ago. Aust even had two whole weeks off work so we really got to enjoy the holiday. It slightly helped make up for the 100+ nights that he spent sleeping in a hotel room in 2014. Just like a sliver of slightly. That’s a whole lotta nights for our hard working daddy-o! Since I’m really behind the time with this one, a post of pictures will have to suffice for memory sake. I’ve considered skipping the catching up stuff altogether, but it was Scarlett’s first Christmas so I probably shouldn’t slack. My more put together mama has way more pictures and all the details documented here and here.

We made our way out to Colorado on December 20th and Scarlett did awesome. (Can’t say as much for the way home.) Loved the time we were able to spend with the whole fam before Christmas!

Christmas Eve









Love this Bronco loving family of mine :)


Christmas Day






This little lady came out with quite the haul.  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got grandparents, parents, and aunts/an uncle to celebrate your first Christmas with.  Girl, you are loved!




The day after Christmas my wonderful parents treated us all to Cheesecake Factory. So so yummy. Then on the 27th, (I think) we went out to take family pictures. It was cold. Our desired picture taking spot was closed. The camera had a mini freak out. There was an icy slip and fall. And the baby was not very interested in the timed camera on a tripod. Despite things not going completely our way, we still came out with a few decent shots and some fond picture taking memories.




On the 31st, Austin was able to take Lexee and Jason’s engagement pictures. We went to scope out the area beforehand this time to avoid another stressful picture taking experience.




He did an awesome job.  And they are a hottie couple.



New Years Eve


^^Not a fan of the fan hat haha.


We determined this was our sixth New Years together.  So crazy.


Hello 2015!

On the 1st, we played dress up with Scarlett.  This little red dress was mine as a baby, made with love by my Great Grandma.

Taylor 609089




This pink dress was my mom’s as a baby, made with love by her Grandma (my Great Grandma).




And we couldn’t resist… :) Scarlett won’t be too happy with us when she gets older.


Over the next couple days we just enjoyed the rest of our time! Did some sleepy shopping, ate some tasty burgers at Crave, and spent lots of quality time with the fam.  My mom was the picture queen in between so check back to her posts :) I will be more like her one day.



It was an amazing trip. We’ll all be back together again in a couple short weeks as Lexee’s wedding festivities commence! Can’t wait.

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