I’m back.
And I survived!  It was a long few weeks but I am finally done with college – minus a few internship hours still in the works.  Even though I’m a month late, graduation was lots of fun.  My whole family was here to celebrate and that’s what we did, we celebrated.  It has been a long time coming and boy does it feel good!  I’ll let pictures do the talking for me on this one.

Quick side note before I jump in…Graduation was spread out over two days.  Straight hair = Commencement (day one).  For Commencement, all the graduates from every college and major at BYU proceeded into the Marriott Center and Elder L. Tom Perry came to speak.  Graduation is just so so thrilling, I know ;)

 For anyone who knows him, this picture about sums up my dad perfectly.  Gotta love him!

Love my sweet parents. 
My cousin Josh graduated too! Woop woop! 

Below starts the day two happenings for Convocation.  This is where everyone actually walks across stage and gets their diploma case.  Convocation is broken down by colleges so it’s not an all day thing.  Unfortunately, I graduated in the College of Life Sciences which just happens to be the biggest of them all.  But no worries, I may have skipped out a little early in the middle of the name reading :)

 Walking across stage, shaking the hands.

 This is me trying to figure out how to make my exit mid-ceremony.  My family was coaxing me so I could build up the courage :)

The classic jump photo.  My family has done this at every high school graduation thus far so we had to carry out the tradition.

And that ends it.
Thanks BYU. It’s been real.

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march madness

Life has been a little bit insane this past month.  Lots of fun topped with lots of stress to get everything done before graduation in less than two weeks.  
This Pinterest gem has been my motivational mantra to pull me through this semester. 
I guess I wouldn’t say that it has helped motivate me, because I am far from feeling motivated, but has served more as a reminder that the end of my schooling career is very near.  Hallelujah! 

Other than the stresses of school, the month of March served us well.  We celebrated my 22nd birthday (where in the world has time gone) with some friends at Chili’s and then Austin spoiled me with some shopping mula and yummy cheesecake.  
A few days later, we were able to head off to Colorado for a week to spend some time with the fam, get some internship hours – for me, get some insurance training – for Aust, and pick out our soon to be newest family member!  
How sweet is he!?  My parents just barely brought him home and Lexee will be bringing him to us this weekend.  Can’t wait.  We’ve been so anxious to get him – puppy bowls are out, dog blankets ready, and toys waiting.  If that’s not anxious I don’t know what is!  
I’ll be sure to stay more on top of things after school is completely done.  Until then, you probably won’t be hearing from me.  I’ve got 100 internship hours to finish, six essays to write, three finals to go, and not enough time to do it all.  Graduation…ready or not, here I come.
I’ll see ya on the other side!

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