thanksgiving twenty seventeen

This Thanksgiving we made the trek to Colorado to spend the holiday with my fam.  All the siblings were able to come this year which was THE best.  Love those moments of togetherness.  Scarlett and Ellis did awesome on the drive there, Ellis slept a huge chunk of the time and Scarlett has just become an awesome road tripper with age.  We could hardly even get her to watch a movie because she had her eye on the prize and was too excited to get to Gigi’s house haha.  Once we arrived the weekend was filled with tasty eating, lots of chatting, bridal shower prepping, cover your assets playing, spiderman watching, park going, christmas light viewing fun (+a coupla unfortunate events in the form of a car dying, phone getting obliterated sort of way – SHILO ROCKS).

Loved every second!  The drive home didn’t go quite as smoothly….

Ellis did not sleep so well, he did not enjoy being in his seat, and he let us know it!  He was going nuts which made Scarlett go a little nuts (she was literally pulling her hair out the last like fifteen minutes haha), and mama just tried to keep her sanity by taking snapchats to share the madness with the family.  But we made it.  And Scarlett asks me every day when we can drive back to Gigi’s house to play with “Gigi’s mermaid and Gigi’s horse in the kid room with the tiny door.”  Building myself up to take the drive solo sometime soon when the weather is warm and Ellis doesn’t hate the car haha.

Overall such a great trip and an amazing Thanksgiving with all the people I love most!

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a super halloween

Okay. I decided to hit the last few main events of 2017.  Baby’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas, Austin’s big 30…Just can’t bring myself to sweep them under the rug without mention haha.  Prepare for a nice big picture dump – then on to 2018 happenings.

So Halloween.  Scarlett is OBSESSED with Halloween.  She had our entire family’s costumes picked out over six months before, like I’m talking March.  I didn’t think her idea would stick when she told me (in March), “I be wonder woman, brudder be batman, dad be spiderman, and you be umm…captain america.”  But it did!  She never waivered from her plan haha.  [She may however break her record this year…a couple weeks ago while Austin was taking the Christmas lights off the house she said, “Mom when it’s Halloween I gonna be Twilight Sparkle! And you can be Applejack, Ewwis be Spike, and Dad will be….(covers her mouth giggling) Pinkie Pie!” When Austin came in she couldn’t contain herself as she told him haha.  She thought it was pretty hilarious.  Austin jokingly told her that he wanted to be Rainbow Dash instead, and that night as I was laying next to her putting her to bed, she randomly and in the most serious and thoughtful way says, “Mom, I think dad would really like to be Rainbow Dash instead of Pinkie Pie for Halloween.”  Cracked me up.  So who knows!  We may just be a herd of ponies come Halloween this year.  Unless she becomes obsessed with something else before then, whiiich is pretty likely haha.]

To kick off the day Scarlett had preschool.  Kaitlin and I signed up to bring the snacks for their little party that day – thank you pinterest for helping us make it festive.  Miss Cindy requested that we keep it on the healthy side, hence the lack of sugary treats I was itchin’ to give those cute three year olds.  Probably for the best haha.

After Scarlett got home, we had yet to get around to carving our pumpkins so we thought we better tackle that.  Better late than never!  Austin had the day off work thankfully and whipped out a Batman pumpkin per Scarlett’s request.  She’s still a little grossed out by the pumpkin guts but was slightly more involved this year haha.

^Painting is the way to go.

That evening we went over to Kaitlin and Abe’s for dinner and trick or treating.  Scarlett had been asking alllll day if it was time to go yet.  So much build up to this day and girl wanted to get to it! I loved how excited she was.

Living her dream.

(Side note: Scarlett just asked me today (it’s now February) if it was Halloween yet.  And we pretend trick or treat with her toy character people almost every day.  Safe to say she’ll be well seasoned come October haha.)


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the most wonderful time of the year

Moving right along.

Despite us spending the actual Christmas holiday in Colorado, I was quite determined to have Christmas lights up on our house for the holiday season. I mean, do it for the kids, right? ;) Austin was a good sport and obliged – which meant a lot of measuring and researching and calculating to figure out what kind of lights to get, how many lights we would need to fulfill all my wishes, etc. etc. Thankful for him!

Daddy done good! Not pictured are the trees in our front yard that he wrapped in lights so perfectly. I had multiple neighbors telling me that our trees looked like the ones at temple square haha. Professional status!

The day before Thanksgiving we took Scarlett to the movie theater to experience her first “weeeeally big show”. We saw Trolls which was (and still is) a big hit.  She lasted through the movie really well and thoroughly enjoyed herself

[+the sour patch watermelons].

We spent Thanksgiving day with Austin’s family and ate lots of yummy food. I also experienced my first “solo” pie making (aka not at my mom’s house with her helping the whole time haha). I did, however, use my mom’s cream pie recipe and asked for some tips via text along the way after ruining the first store bought pie crust I tried baking haha. So maybe not a completely solo experience, buuut I’m still taking it. I think there was enough pie/cheesecake for every person to have their own if they really wanted haha. Now that’s my kind of selection!


Soon after Thanksgiving we pulled out the tree as part of our festive, we-won’t-even-be-at-our-house-for-Christmas efforts. Scarlett loved every minute of decorating that tree so it was totally worth it! Again, do it for the kids, right? :)

Plus those ornaments provided hours of entertainment as she carefully rearranged them each day. That kind of entertainment is priceless to a mama!

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july fourth

One more oldie post because I just can’t even with some of these pictures.

This year we spent the fourth of July at the Duke’s lovely home and had such a good time. Nothing better than some barbecue, some bounce housin’, some sparklers, and a whole lotta fun with our sweet friends.









Major heart eyes for this little crew ^^ best buds for life.

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all that is december

Holy falling behind. Same old story every. time.

I’ve sat down to write this post a few times, but after a few minutes of not knowing how to start or what to say, I close it up and let it wait for another day. And now nearly six months later, I still really don’t have the words, but I don’t think many are needed. On November 30th, my Uncle Brian was killed in a car accident on his way to work. It was sudden, it was unexpected, and hit so close to home, especially being only weeks after my Aunt Jana’s death. He was such a good man and the greatest uncle, always there to share a good laugh with and talk deals (he and Austin bonded over that one, always on the hunt for a good deal). He left behind a beautiful wife and four sons.


Miss him. Love their family so, so much.

My mom always says things best, I love her post here.

I’m tempted to skip to more current events, but I feel like Christmas and New Years and just December events in general are too big of a things to miss documenting (mostly for Scarlett’s sake). Even if it’s almost half a year late. Here goes nothing.

The beginning of December brought Austin’s 28th birthday. Unfortunately, the only pictures I took that day were when we met up with him on his lunch break at In-and-Out. Scarlett was too tired to celebrate.




I promise we had cake and ice cream that night with his fam. Just no pictures to show for it! Happy birthday, bae ;)


^^Scarlett’s first week of nursery. She was not this happy once we actually made it in there haha. To this day…still not a nursery fan. Doesn’t help that there are nineteen kids in there with her in our new ward. And that’s only one of the nurseries. Needless to say, she will have a plethora of friends her age around here, that’s for sure! Maybe one day she’ll like them.


Cracking up at how she held pencils. She has since grown out of that grip haha.


Little hoodlum.



After living at Austin’s parents house for a couple months, Scarlett finally started to get comfortable with everybody. Aunt Rachelle came back home for the holidays and got in on her good side quick thankfully!




At some point that month we took Scarlett out for a little photo shoot to get some up to date pictures…




Obsessed with her.



Then this happened. (Good thing they’re already married now). Congrats to Mitch and Kenzie!


We were extra lucky this year and also had my family in town through Christmas. The Goldsberry clan did a progressive dinner and Scarlett enjoyed her time being Santa with grandpa Billy.




^^Her sweet little Christmas dress from Gigi. Not the greatest picture but all I remember is she was not having it that day…hence the one and only picture. Oh well, still the cutest little dress ever. Worth documenting!


Merry Christmas Eve!


Even though we spent Christmas with Austin’s fam this year my parents still included us in the Syddall Christmas pj’s tradition.


 Excuse the poor quality pic, it’s all I got. Go BYU!


Santa done good.



Getting ready to go see what Santa brought! Scarlett’s reaction when she saw her presents was the cutest. Here’s a little clip of it.

I can’t get over the hands on face after I set her down hahaha. She loves that car.










Loving the cute busy bag book she got from Grandma Judy. In for hours of entertainment! Scarlett is blessed with extremely talented and creative grandmas.



Seestor chat time! Miss that girl!








It was a great Christmas! It’s so fun having a kid who’s getting old enough to think it’s awesome too. Can’t wait for her birthday this weekend.

And since this post isn’t long enough already, here’s a few New Years pics for ya.


We started the night at Sam and Autumn’s house for a fun New Years party. We lasted til about 10:30 before miss Scarlett was done.


So, we headed back to Austin’s parents house, got her to bed, watched the ball drop and took our first 2016 selfie.


 I think these new years get more exciting every year ;) Happy New Year e’rybody. Hope the first half of it has treated you well!

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halloween with a hula girl

I struggled to come up with costume ideas for Halloween this year (last year technically). I had intentions of trying to put something together before we left for Hawaii, but with all the other craziness going on it didn’t quite make the priority cut. I knew my time would be short after we got back from our trip but thankfully while we were there, we saw these adorable little coconut bra, hula girl outfits and Aust had the ingenious idea to get one for Scarlett for Halloween. Add a couple leis and Hawaiian shirts in the mix for ma and pa and there we had it! And it wasn’t even cheesy because we were legitimately in Hawaii right before :) we were authentic.


PS, totally got our shirts at DI. The ones in Hawaii are expeeeensive! Not worth it for a one time wear, and these DI ones probably came from Hawaii at some point anyway haha. Plus they semi-matched! DI for the win.










Cutest little hula girl I ever did see.

Halloween night I took Scarlett on her first trick or treat run! Austin had been working on a video with Jesse most of the day which ended up going really long so they missed the good stuff. Such a bummer for the daddios! I had spent the day with Brittney and Oliver so we headed over together to Jesse’s parents house to begin the festivities.




Ignore the terrible filming haha. I was short a couple extra hands. Love that hula girl and that plump little tiger!


[three month late] Halloween!

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the fourth

To start off our Independence day celebrations, we took advantage of Aust’s day off on Friday and went to the Freedom Festival down in Provo with Kaitlin and Abe.  It was hot.  And kind of anti-climatic.  But we did get to see the real candy bomber fly his plane over the crowds and drop little parachutes of candy!  That was pretty cool.  And now I feel like a part of history or something :)


Plus we got to see Scarlett as a colonial soldier.  Worth it!

On the 4th, we went over to Kaitlin and Abe’s house and spent the afternoon/evening with them.  Now for a picture overload…









These babies kill me. Love them!





How cool is that right in your backyard!  Scarlett was impressed.







^^Supa cute picture of them.  Thennn it got windy…




…and Scarlett was ticked. Haha such is life.

Before the kiddos got too tired we wanted to give them a little firework action.  Sparklers are perfect for babies, right? :)





Probably should have given those another year or two haha.

After we got them to bed we had a little fire, roasted marshmallows, enjoyed the fireworks going on around us, and played with glow sticks and sparklers some more.





It was a great holiday!

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july 4th

will get caught up one of these days.  One post at a time :)

We had a great 4th of July this year!  My family was back in town for Scarlett’s blessing that weekend so we were able to enjoy the day with them.  We started the afternoon off with the Syddall side of the family for a nice, shady, picnic at the park.


















That evening we went over to Matt and Lia’s house for a barbecue and fireworks with the whole Goldsberry clan.












There’s just something about the 4th of July.  Family, food, sunshine, fireworks.  What more can you ask for?!  Such a perfect day.

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