it’s a love story

This past week marked two years since Aust and I got engaged.  Love that boy to pieces!  There was a lot that went into us meeting (over four years ago now…what the…) and it’s really quite a story so I wanted to share.  I’ll start where it all began.

  1. Back in 2009, I got accepted to BYU for the Summer term. This meant heading off to school only a mere three weeks after graduating high school.  So not what I had in mind.  I had very mixed emotions when I found out.  I was beyond thrilled that I even got accepted to BYU, but nervous and upset that my time at home with friends and family was cut short.  In the end I got over it, cherished my three weeks, packed up, and headed off to Utah to start my college career.  If I wouldn’t have started summer term, I never would have met Austin.
  2. Once there, I attended an optional Freshman Orientation where they assigned us out into groups.  In my group was a kid named Matt, but after the two day orientation ended, we were off on our merry way, without having had exchanged numbers or anything.   Matt and I had chatted a couple times within our group but that was it. I didn’t really expect or think twice about coming across him again.  I mean, on a campus of 30,000+ students, it’s not very likely.  If I wouldn’t have gone to freshman orientation, I wouldn’t have met Matt, and never would have met Austin.
  3. On the first night of orientation, they had an activity for all the new Freshman.  As the night ended, I was waiting in line for my ice cream and I called my Dad to let him know that I was ready to be picked up.  He had kept my car for the day to get the oil changed so I wouldn’t have to deal with it on my own.  While talking to him and explaining where to come get me, a girl behind me overheard and said, “Oh you live in Wyview?  I do too, I can just give you a ride back if you want.”  That girl happened to be Brittney, and is now one of my closest friends.  She wasn’t in my ward or my orientation group so if it wasn’t for her sweet offer, and her offer to drive together to orientation the next day, we probably never would have become such close friends.  If my dad wouldn’t have had my car that day, I wouldn’t have met Brittney, and never would have met Austin.
  4. As school started, Brittney and I spent a lot of time with a couple girls in my ward and a few boys in her ward.  One night, we decided to go to some fields by campus to play soccer.  When we got there, guess who was playing with some friends on the same fields?  My boy Matt.  What are the chances, right?  I yelled him over and we were just so excited that we had run into each other again.  At that point, we joined our groups together to play, numbers were exchanged, and new friendship emerged.  If I woudn’t have met Brittney, I wouldn’t have gone to play soccer with the boys in her ward at that precise moment, I wouldn’t have run into Matt, and never would have met Austin.
  5. A few more weeks passed when Matt invited Brittney and I to go to a battle of the bands thing that his brother’s band was playing in.  And guess which band that happened to be? That’s right, j.wride.  If I wouldn’t have run into Matt, I wouldn’t have ever gone to this battle of the bands, and never would have met Austin.
  6. Now to make things clear, I didn’t actually meet Austin at the battle of the bands ordeal.  I saw him for the first time there (and he swears to this day he noticed me – highly doubt it) but after watching the show, Brittney and I were off on our merry way obsessing over how much we had enjoyed their music and decided that we would go to their next show which was a couple weeks later.  The weeks passed and after that second show came to a close we told Matt to tell his brother that we would like a  t-shirt.  He obliged and went up to Jesse instead and told him that “those girls want shirts.”  If Brittney and I wouldn’t have gone to the j.wride show and asked for shirts, I never would have met Austin.
  7. The following day we got texts that said something along the lines of, “Hey this is Jesse Wride.  I hear you want a shirt…” (Don’t quote me on that, I really can’t remember but that was the jist)  Long story short we decided that him and Austin would come over to Brittney’s apartment that night.  Now keep in mind that we still hadn’t technically met them yet.  So it’s safe to say that we were kinda freaking out haha.  If Matt wouldn’t have told Jesse that we wanted shirts, he never would have texted us, and I never would have met Austin.
  8. That evening came and Austin and Jesse arrived for what was probably a super awkward night looking back on it.  Like I said, we had never met them so it was like a, “oh hey, nice to talk to you.”  And they didn’t even bring the shirts – there went our conversation starter.  We invited them in, sat on the couch and who knows what we talked about.  All I really remember is that Jesse ended up in the bathroom for about an hour and we watched TV with Austin.  What a night huh?  After a couple hours passed they headed out and then shortly after Brittney got a call from Jesse asking if we wanted to go out with them later that week.  The rest is history.

So there we have it.  If I wouldn’t have started at BYU Summer term, and gone to Freshman Orientation, I wouldn’t have met Matt.  If my dad didn’t have my car that night, I wouldn’t have met Brittney, I never would have met those boys in her ward, I never would have gone to play soccer with them, and never would have crossed paths with Matt again.  If I never ran into Matt, I never would have gone to a j.wride concert, I never would have asked for shirts, I never would have received a text from Jesse inviting themselves over, and I never would have met Austin.

    This was the first picture we had together…Halloween 2009.  Yes this was in the middle of a guitar hero match and please ignore my awkward hands :) It tends to happen ALL the time.  Love love love love him.
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    july 4th

    Now that it has almost been a month, I think it’s time to jot down our 4th of July happenings.
    To start off the day, we went hiking up to Stuart falls with Austin’s family and boy it was crowded.  I guess we weren’t the only ones with the great idea :) His parents brought up some yummy snacks and Jimmy John’s for lunch and we all had a really nice time, Conan included.  I was impressed by our little guy making it the entire three-something miles on his teeny stub legs.  That’s a whole lot of steps!

     As for our evening festivities, there’s no better way to celebrate than with some j.wride and fireworks.

    Happy {very late} 4th of July!

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    my boy band

    I love j.wride. 
    If you haven’t heard them, you are seriously missing out. A couple weeks ago they had a show in Provo and it was awesome.

    A little pre-show love

    Oh hey there baby!

    On stage.  So good, I tell ya, so so good.

    Ashlyn and Hailey even got to come!  It’s been way fun having them close.

    Here’s a cover they did a little bit ago that I love.

    If you haven’t already, like them on facebook here and subscribe on youtube here.
    And P.S.
    Check out the drummer…he’s a total hottie.

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