aloha hawaii

Oh Hawaii, where to even begin! Three months late is where…

Thanks to Austin’s crazy amount of traveling in 2014 we were able to use up some points and take a sweet sweet, hotel and travel expenses paid, vacay to Hawaii! My mom and Mauri were kind enough to make the trip to Utah to spend the week with our Scarlett girl. You can read all about the week they had together here. I was definitely a stress case about leaving her for that long. I hadn’t ever been apart from her for more than eight hours since she was born, let alone overnight. And with her track record with other people I was nervous for my mama. But I knew she would be oh so loved and well taken care of whether she liked it or not!

The timing of it all ended up being a little bit crazy; when Aust and I initially planned the trip we had no idea that we would be moving. We scheduled the trip over Mauri’s fall break so she could come out with my mom. We thought it would be perfect for them to come stay at our house to keep Scarlett in her element, help make everything a little less painless. Buuut then we sold our house, had to move out two weeks before our trip, moved in with Austin’s parents, and turned Scarlett’s little world upside down. Just. In. Time. My mom was still excited to come spend time with her though and arranged to stay at my Grandma Goldsberry’s house with Scarlett for the week.

After we left things took a hard, unexpected turn. Scarlett actually ended up doing really well (I just need to venture off more often!), but my Aunt Jana had gotten a mastectomy the week prior and her health was declining rapidly. Looking back on the week it was a tender mercy that my mom was able to come spend some time with her dear little sister during the last days of her sister’s life, but a baby keeping her on her toes and not letting her get much sleep at night meant a draining and exhausting week on all levels for my beautiful mama! On Monday October 12th, my mom sent me a text letting me know that Aunt J had been in the ICU for a couple days and was being sent home with hospice care. Her gall bladder was full of infection and her liver and kidneys were hardly functioning. Later that evening, my sweet Aunt passed away. I’m grateful that my mom could be there, grateful that she could be with her parents through those tough days, and grateful that Scarlett may have helped provide a little happiness amidst the sorrow. I wish I could have been there to provide the baby chasing, sleep deprived, physical relief for my mom, but overall I think the timing of it all was a sweet miracle.

1995-05 Jana, HS graduate picture

Miss you everyday, Aunt J. 

From this beautiful post by my mom: “The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude.” (Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin)

To recount our week in Hawaii, I’ll try to keep the descriptions brief and let the pictures do the talking! Here comes an overload…




Longest. Flight. Ever.



The view from our room. The resort was beautiful!














This beach was one of the secret gems we found while we were there. It was huge, so pretty and basically empty. We heard it’s the locals favorite spot because it takes a little off-roading and a four wheel drive car to get to, so it never gets overcrowded with tourists or anything. Easily our favorite beach we went to. We were warned that the tide was too high for swimming at this time of year, but I’m usually too scared to swim in the ocean anyway so no biggie haha. We just kicked back in the silky sand, dipped our toes in the ocean, saw some crazy surfers, and watched the sun go down. My kind of beach day!














^^See that little snorkel? That’s my boy! We wanted to do quite a bit of snorkeling while we were there so we ended up buying a couple sets at the local Costco (we might have eaten the majority of our meals there too, can’t beat $1.50 hot dog combo). We hit up a few of the popular snorkeling spots throughout the week and saw a good variety of sea life! Funniest story…one day while we were snorkeling, Aust had kind of wandered away from me chasing some fish on our little action cam. I was just swimming along by myself and all of a sudden saw a massive sea turtle like three feet in front of my face. You seriously don’t realize how big those things are until they are right next to you. I didn’t know if they were dangerous (I know, I’m a little uninformed) so I immediately turn the other direction and frantically swim away as fast as I can. The adrenaline was in full swing people, I was kind of freaking out haha. Once I had made some distance I stood up to search for Austin so I could tell him.  Once I caught up to him and he informed me they aren’t dangerous, I was so bummed I didn’t stick around to appreciate seeing that dang turtle! After some searching we found it again and caught it on video. That time I thought it was super cool, slightly redeemed myself haha.




One night while we were there, the resort put on a little Luau dinner and show. It was just served at their restaurant so it wasn’t completely authentic, but we wanted to do something semi cultured. And those pina coladas were da bomb.









The weather was so sporadic. The picture above and below were taken pretty close together, just on different parts of the island. Blue skies to clouds! Luckily we only got rained on a couple times, and it was the warm, enjoyable type of rain. Oh so niiiice.






Total Jurassic Park vibes.




Ziplining was definitely one of my favorite things we did. We got to see the island from above the treetops and it was beautiful! Talk about green. Totally recommend it to anyone who ever goes there.






A little night time long exposure on the beach.





The Fantasy Island Falls. Way cooler in person.



We had lunch at the resort before our flight home then hit up the movie theater to kill the last couple hours before heading to the airport. I know, sounds lame when you’re in such a beautiful place but we didn’t want to get sandy after we checked out of our room and it gets dark at like 7pm there. So it was the best option :) Then thanks to my traveling man…


Boo yeah! That made for a nice overnight flight home.

Here is a short little video with a few of our adventures. We made it for a small contest thing (hence the royalty free soundtrack haha) which ended a week earlier than we thought so…might as well share it somewhere. Good memories :)

Kauai, you were amazing. Until next time Hawaii!

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anniversary number three

February 4th marked our third anniversary.  Insane.  Aust came home from work with two dozen of these beauties.  Totally makes up for the anniversary spent apart last year ;)



 We went to the delicious Rodizio Grill for dinner with our sweet Scarlett in tow.  She was the best part of our year after all…and her mama and dada didn’t plan ahead :)  She did great until the waiter got a little too close and made her cry haha.  She always tricks em with those smiles!




Then we came home and enjoyed a yummy caramel Snickers cake courtesy of good ol’ Ridley’s.  (They make awesome cakes.  And they’re way cheap!  They even sell it by the slice which has become my major weakness haha.)


So thankful for this man of mine!  Three years later and I’m more obsessed with him than ever.  Looking forward to eternity to come!


Love you forever baby!

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scarlett’s arrival

I am playing the major catch up game.  Now that our babe is seven weeks old, it’s about time I share her birth story!

On Wednesday, May 28th I woke up extremely early (like 4:30am or something like that) to get all ready to go to the hospital and have our baby girl!  As I mentioned previously, we were told to call at 6am to find out when the hospital could get us in, but to be ready to leave when we called because they would likely want us there right away.  For someone like me who always takes a little longer than necessary to get ready, this was a hard schedule to work around!  I must say though, I loved the overall knowing side of being induced.  Even if it meant waking up at a ridiculous hour, I was at least able to shower and get myself a little more prepared.

Six o’clock rolled around and I made my first call – of what turned out to be many – to the hospital.  I was told that it had been a busy night but there was a lady about to deliver and to call back at seven to see how it was looking.  I was somewhat disappointed but told myself it was only one more hour.  Gave me some more time to finish putting on my mascara, I’d take it :)

That hour came and went.  I called again, this time a different, not-so-nice nurse answered.  She said that she really couldn’t tell me a time but she would know by 8:30 for sure and would call me.  Disappointing.  Aust and I settled in on the couch and decided that we should try to get a little more sleep while we waited.  Longest wait of my life!


 We hit 8:30 and I still hadn’t heard back.  I gave her until about 8:45, got impatient and called one more time.  The not-so-nice nurse answered again, and not so nicely told me that they were busy, there was someone ahead of me in line, and they couldn’t even consider getting her in til at least 10:00.  She said they would call when they could get me in.  At this point I was flustered and feeling even more disappointed.  So not how I imagined this day going.  I think the most frustrating part was just the inconsistency – if you’re going to tell me you’ll know by 8:30, at least follow up!

The wait went on…watching tons of tv isn’t quite as enjoyable when you’re anticipating a very important phone call :)  The only frame of reference we had was that they would hopefully be getting the lady in front of me in around the ten o’clock hour.  At that rate, I thought maybe around noon would be a good bet for me so I used that as my time marker to look forward to.  Noon came, nothing.  I was starting to feel a bit stressed – my mom’s flight was scheduled for the next morning so our time was ticking down!

 I made another phone call to see if we could at least get a time frame. This time I was told that the person who would know was at lunch and that they would have her call me when she got back.   I was satisfied with that, at least we would get an update on how things were looking.

Another hour passed, still no phone call.  By 1:30 I decided that an hour and a half was a long enough lunch break and called again since we still hadn’t heard anything.  I really was trying to be patient – I knew that women in actual labor would obviously need to be priority and there really wasn’t any serious medical reason for my induction so I was low on the totem pole.  More than anything I was just frustrated that they weren’t following up when they said they would and I was sitting around starving because they weren’t giving us anything to go off of.  So I called and again was told that they couldn’t give me a time frame but that they would definitely get me in that day.  That was somewhat of a relief, I had started to worry that we wouldn’t make it in at all that day, but still not helpful in knowing what to work around.

We were feeling antsy after sitting on the couch for eight hours and since we knew I would be called in at some point, decided to load up the car and head to town to keep ourselves busy.  We stopped by a few stores, hit up the snow cone shack, went and got a rice krispy treat because I was strongly craving one (I needed something in my belly!), then went to IKEA to kill more time.

While we were wandering through IKEA, my mom texted me and asked if she could call the hospital to put a little more pressure on them.  I was so over calling them myself so I told her as long as she wasn’t too harsh that was fine by me!  At this point it was about 5:00 so the end of the day was drawing near and that morning flight was getting closer.  I told her to let me know how the call went and if we still weren’t getting anywhere soon that we would just come hang out at my grandparents house.

She made the call, explained the situation, and before I could even get the full details on how the call went, my phone rang.  It was 5:30pm and we were on our way to the hospital!  Who knew all we needed was a little grandmotherly touch :) nice job mama!

Once I got checked in, they wasted no more time and got things moving right away.  I got all hooked up to the IV and monitors and settled in for the long haul!  Around 6:30 they got me started on the oxytocin – my doctor said they were going to do about half the dose they usually do so I could labor through the night.  (I’m pretty sure she was aiming for a morning delivery so she could get a full night of sleep.)  At 7:15 they broke my water and told me to let them know when I was ready for the epidural!  I had gotten the advice from a couple people to get the epidural as soon as possible but at that point the contractions weren’t bothering me much.  I asked the nurse if there was a good point when I should ask for it and she said that she always suggests to wait until you’ve felt a few solid contractions so you will appreciate the numbness, but not too long that you can’t sit still through a contraction.  So with that to go off of, by about 9:00 I was ready for that epidural!  The contractions were strong enough to where I was tensing up quite a bit when one would come on so I didn’t want to push it any further.  And can I just say that epidural was heaven sent!  Not near as bad as I expected it to be.  The worst part was the little numbing shot they give you at the very beginning and then I really didn’t enjoy hearing the little “pop” as it went in.  But oh so worth it.  Huge props to people who go all natural.

I honestly can’t remember how dilated I was by this point but with the epidural in we were ready to kick back, relax and wait.  My mom and my Syddall grandparents were there keeping us company so we just enjoyed our time!  Around 11:30 or so my grandparents headed home and when they left I believe I was about 5.5-6 cm dilated, making progress!  (And quite a bit faster than the nurses expected on the half dosage of oxytocin, our girl was ready to get on out!)




Those slushies were the best.


Just catching up on some Bachelorette :)


I tried to sleep over the next couple hours but it wasn’t happening.  I was just too anxious and kept getting distracted watching the contractions and her little heartbeat on the monitor.  Around 1:30am my nurse came and checked me again and I was at an 8-8.5!  She said that if I started to feel a lot of pressure to call her in, we were close!  Over the next half hour I started to feel like there was some added pressure but it was hard to tell how much with the epidural so I waited a bit longer to see if it would get a little more intense.  As we approached 2:30am I was getting ready to call the nurse back in but she beat me to it.  She checked and I was a 10!  It was go time.

 She got everything all set to go and had me start pushing right around 3am.  While I was pushing I decided that my epidural was just about perfect.  It didn’t completely numb my legs so I could still move my feet and could slightly feel some tingly pressure to the touch.  I could also tell when I was having a contraction and still felt the need to push but the pain was pretty mild and bearable.  It was still really hard to tell if my pushes were effective at all – I kind of just felt like I was holding my breath for ten seconds – but I was reassured we were getting somewhere each time haha.  By 3:30 the babe’s head was crowning and the nurse called the doctor in (definitely didn’t realize they would wait until that point to even call the doctor).  She had me push a couple more times while we waited but quickly determined that we needed to stop until the doctor got there.  Talk about dragging it out!  So I sat there, with a baby coming out getting her head squeezed like crazy, and didn’t push again until the doctor got there, 20 minutes later.  I appreciated that epidural more than ever during that wait, it was nuts!

Once the doctor finally came in, she got all her gear on, had me push one more time, and asked if I was ready to get this baby out fast.  I happily obliged, she gave me a quick episiotomy, I pushed one more time, and our girl was here! 



Scarlett Ann born May 29, 2014 at 4:02 AM weighing 6 pounds, 10 ounces at 19.5 inches long.


So in love.  Absolutely nothing compares!















This girl stole her daddy’s heart!





The exhaustion set in…
















Getting ready to go home…









We are so thankful for our sweet little Scarlett and extremely grateful that everything went smoothly.  So happy to have our baby here!

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baby in the making

So I know I said I’d post about j.wride next, but with our recent huge announcement I’m going to insert a little in-between post.
This really should have come awhile ago, I’m always a few weeks behind!
Baby A
Due May 31, 2014
My initial reaction when we found out: disbelief, excitement, tears, excitement, tears, shock, more tears, nerves, excitement, excitement, and excitement.
It was such a sweet moment and we seriously couldn’t be happier.  We feel so insanely blessed and are already so in love with our little babe!

Pregnancy thus far…not too shabby!  I consider myself extremely lucky to have endured very little nausea and no major sickness throughout the first trimester.  I have slept a lot, and still feel tired pretty much all the time, but I will take that over being sick any day!  The fatigue aspect is probably more annoying to Aust since he gets left with a wife zonked out on the couch by about 8 PM every night.  I hear that the energy is supposed to come back in the second trimester but so far, nada.  I am only a couple weeks into trimester two so we’ll see if I pull through!

This ultrasound picture is back from my first appointment, when I was about 8 weeks along.  That little nugget has come a long way since then. We actually found out the gender last Saturday…It was amazing to see how our little babe has grown!  Aust has been pretty convinced that it was going to be a boy from the start.  I really never had a strong inkling one way or the other so we were both just anxious to find out!  And for the big reveal,
it’s a………………

Can’t wait to meet our sweet baby girl!
Before we went in we actually both mentioned that “girl” had been a little more predominant in our minds during the week prior.  Like when I thought about our baby, it was showing up as a girl in my head more so than a boy.  So when they officially told us it was a girl it was almost what we both expected to hear in some crazy way.  We were absolutely ecstatic.  
Here are a few of the ultrasound pictures that we got on Saturday.  It was Austin’s first time seeing her/hearing the heart beat and we both just loved it.  She was a little wiggle worm squirming around, stretching, touching her toes, and we even got the classic thumb sucking picture.  It’s so crazy to see all that happening and not be able to feel a thing! Toward the end she turned completely around so her back and behind were facing us so we figured that she was done putting on her show :)  It was such a fun and amazing experience!
Afterward we headed out to do a little shopping.  I mean, you have to buy something the day you find out the gender, right? :)  We came home with some mini pink Vans (I am obsessed with baby shoes) and a couple little girly outfits.  Now I just have to make a pact to be done until after the baby shower has come and gone.  We’ll see how that goes :)
Love love love LOVE our girl!
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it’s a love story

This past week marked two years since Aust and I got engaged.  Love that boy to pieces!  There was a lot that went into us meeting (over four years ago now…what the…) and it’s really quite a story so I wanted to share.  I’ll start where it all began.

  1. Back in 2009, I got accepted to BYU for the Summer term. This meant heading off to school only a mere three weeks after graduating high school.  So not what I had in mind.  I had very mixed emotions when I found out.  I was beyond thrilled that I even got accepted to BYU, but nervous and upset that my time at home with friends and family was cut short.  In the end I got over it, cherished my three weeks, packed up, and headed off to Utah to start my college career.  If I wouldn’t have started summer term, I never would have met Austin.
  2. Once there, I attended an optional Freshman Orientation where they assigned us out into groups.  In my group was a kid named Matt, but after the two day orientation ended, we were off on our merry way, without having had exchanged numbers or anything.   Matt and I had chatted a couple times within our group but that was it. I didn’t really expect or think twice about coming across him again.  I mean, on a campus of 30,000+ students, it’s not very likely.  If I wouldn’t have gone to freshman orientation, I wouldn’t have met Matt, and never would have met Austin.
  3. On the first night of orientation, they had an activity for all the new Freshman.  As the night ended, I was waiting in line for my ice cream and I called my Dad to let him know that I was ready to be picked up.  He had kept my car for the day to get the oil changed so I wouldn’t have to deal with it on my own.  While talking to him and explaining where to come get me, a girl behind me overheard and said, “Oh you live in Wyview?  I do too, I can just give you a ride back if you want.”  That girl happened to be Brittney, and is now one of my closest friends.  She wasn’t in my ward or my orientation group so if it wasn’t for her sweet offer, and her offer to drive together to orientation the next day, we probably never would have become such close friends.  If my dad wouldn’t have had my car that day, I wouldn’t have met Brittney, and never would have met Austin.
  4. As school started, Brittney and I spent a lot of time with a couple girls in my ward and a few boys in her ward.  One night, we decided to go to some fields by campus to play soccer.  When we got there, guess who was playing with some friends on the same fields?  My boy Matt.  What are the chances, right?  I yelled him over and we were just so excited that we had run into each other again.  At that point, we joined our groups together to play, numbers were exchanged, and new friendship emerged.  If I woudn’t have met Brittney, I wouldn’t have gone to play soccer with the boys in her ward at that precise moment, I wouldn’t have run into Matt, and never would have met Austin.
  5. A few more weeks passed when Matt invited Brittney and I to go to a battle of the bands thing that his brother’s band was playing in.  And guess which band that happened to be? That’s right, j.wride.  If I wouldn’t have run into Matt, I wouldn’t have ever gone to this battle of the bands, and never would have met Austin.
  6. Now to make things clear, I didn’t actually meet Austin at the battle of the bands ordeal.  I saw him for the first time there (and he swears to this day he noticed me – highly doubt it) but after watching the show, Brittney and I were off on our merry way obsessing over how much we had enjoyed their music and decided that we would go to their next show which was a couple weeks later.  The weeks passed and after that second show came to a close we told Matt to tell his brother that we would like a  t-shirt.  He obliged and went up to Jesse instead and told him that “those girls want shirts.”  If Brittney and I wouldn’t have gone to the j.wride show and asked for shirts, I never would have met Austin.
  7. The following day we got texts that said something along the lines of, “Hey this is Jesse Wride.  I hear you want a shirt…” (Don’t quote me on that, I really can’t remember but that was the jist)  Long story short we decided that him and Austin would come over to Brittney’s apartment that night.  Now keep in mind that we still hadn’t technically met them yet.  So it’s safe to say that we were kinda freaking out haha.  If Matt wouldn’t have told Jesse that we wanted shirts, he never would have texted us, and I never would have met Austin.
  8. That evening came and Austin and Jesse arrived for what was probably a super awkward night looking back on it.  Like I said, we had never met them so it was like a, “oh hey, nice to talk to you.”  And they didn’t even bring the shirts – there went our conversation starter.  We invited them in, sat on the couch and who knows what we talked about.  All I really remember is that Jesse ended up in the bathroom for about an hour and we watched TV with Austin.  What a night huh?  After a couple hours passed they headed out and then shortly after Brittney got a call from Jesse asking if we wanted to go out with them later that week.  The rest is history.

So there we have it.  If I wouldn’t have started at BYU Summer term, and gone to Freshman Orientation, I wouldn’t have met Matt.  If my dad didn’t have my car that night, I wouldn’t have met Brittney, I never would have met those boys in her ward, I never would have gone to play soccer with them, and never would have crossed paths with Matt again.  If I never ran into Matt, I never would have gone to a j.wride concert, I never would have asked for shirts, I never would have received a text from Jesse inviting themselves over, and I never would have met Austin.

    This was the first picture we had together…Halloween 2009.  Yes this was in the middle of a guitar hero match and please ignore my awkward hands :) It tends to happen ALL the time.  Love love love love him.
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    fifty years

    A couple weeks ago was my grandparents 50th anniversary.  They are such a sweet couple.  I truly admire their love and dedication and am so thankful for their example.  I sure hope that I can look back in 48.5 years with the same fondness of my love and marriage that I do theirs.  This same admiration goes to my parents as well; they celebrated the big 25 back in March and I am beyond blessed to have been surrounded by their love and strength throughout my life.
    Now about this celebration, it was huge.  My mom and my Aunt Jill did an amazing job in putting together what you may call a, “pinterest-worthy” party.  The family gathered in Utah to take part in it all and we had a wonderful time.

    Here is a brief pictorial overview of the day…

    Decorating the car while gram and gramps were at a movie,

     then hiding out to get this cute reaction shot :)

    The beautiful table setting.

    The delicious food.

    The perfect decor.

    And the best people.

     Conan got lots of love that day if you can’t tell :)

    Grandpa getting ready to play some good ol’ croquet.

    Missed you Shi!

     Later that evening, we all gathered out in the backyard to watch a video of them over the years.  There was some cute dancing happening before but Aust didn’t catch it on camera.  As usual, mi madre has more photos and a more detailed overview of the entire event on her blog starting with this post.  

    Seriously though, how sweet is this picture?

    Afterward, we took the party inside to open gifts and to try on my grandma’s wedding dress.

    She made this herself, in a day. I’m impressed.
     My sisters and cousins were all able to try it on as well, but by this point it was around midnight and there were a lot of picture takers so Aust let them at it :)  You can view the rest in this post.

    It was such a fun day.  Huge props to my mom and my Aunt for putting it all together and to my grandparents for making it all happen.

    Love you Grandma and Grandpa “Berry”! 

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    one year

    The year mark has come and gone.  

    I can’t believe that is has been a year since this beautiful, crisp, blue-skied day.  Aust and I were talking about how the year flew by but it seems like forever ago that we were in Mexico.  Guess that means it’s time for vacay number two :)  

    Here’s a little overview of our one year anniversary celebrations.  
    Aust returned home with these beauties in hand and tickets to the Jazz game.  He’s definitely a keeper.  We headed up to Salt Lake, went to dinner, and made our way over to the arena.
    After we got home, we had a nice bite of the top tier of our wedding cake that has been stored so lovingly in Austin’s parents freezer all year.
    And yes, we did feed it to each other like it was our wedding day…cheesy I know :)

    I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.  I love him more and more and more every day.  By far the best year ever with a million more to come.
    I love you baby!  

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