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a play date and a party hat

I’ve got some catching up to do. So, I’ll just jump right in and get to it ~

A few weekends ago, we headed up AF Canyon with a couple friends and the pups to enjoy some good fall weather before we get completely wintered out.

 Conan and his pal, Ranger.

Love my little family!

Then fast forward to last week, Conan had the honor of getting neutered.  He has now joined the “party hat” rankings.

He was so out of it.

Let me give you a little back story on this dog.  They generally like to neuter puppies when they are around four months old to help prevent marking, excessive chewing, things like that.  We had full intentions on getting Conan fixed from the start so when he was about four months old, we took him in.  Once there, we were told that he had not “dropped” yet and to bring him back when the time came.
 Conan is now 9 months old.
We waited and waited and those man parts never came.  We decided to take him in again to get his shots and just ask about his little problem.  (I thought that we might have a “he-she” dog on our hands…poor guy haha.)  They gave him his shots, felt around, and swore up and down that he must have been fixed before we got him.  I assured them that he was not based on his initial vet records we received, so they scheduled the appointment.

Turns out, he was not a “he-she”.  His parts were just tucked nicely away in his abdomen and have been taken outta there! He was one sad fella.

Don’t mind my puppy talk voice and the blurred sections…I didn’t realize that the lens wasn’t auto focusing and it took me awhile to figure out :)

After his anesthesia wore off completely, he was back to his energetic, crazy self in no time. We sure love our puppy dog!

More to come soon on the j.wride CD release concert this past Saturday.  It was phenomenal.

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It’s about time we introduce our sweet puppy boy.
Meet Conan.  

He is a doll.  And before our trip memorial day weekend (more details next time), was going on an accident free six days.  I’d say that’s quite a feat for a three month old pup!  We love him lots.  Here are a few more pictures of his life with us thus far…

 He loves to be right in the action while Aust works.

We love him to death.

I’m kinda playing the catch up game so more details to come on our trip to Lake Powell over Memorial day soon.  

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march madness

Life has been a little bit insane this past month.  Lots of fun topped with lots of stress to get everything done before graduation in less than two weeks.  
This Pinterest gem has been my motivational mantra to pull me through this semester. 
I guess I wouldn’t say that it has helped motivate me, because I am far from feeling motivated, but has served more as a reminder that the end of my schooling career is very near.  Hallelujah! 

Other than the stresses of school, the month of March served us well.  We celebrated my 22nd birthday (where in the world has time gone) with some friends at Chili’s and then Austin spoiled me with some shopping mula and yummy cheesecake.  
A few days later, we were able to head off to Colorado for a week to spend some time with the fam, get some internship hours – for me, get some insurance training – for Aust, and pick out our soon to be newest family member!  
How sweet is he!?  My parents just barely brought him home and Lexee will be bringing him to us this weekend.  Can’t wait.  We’ve been so anxious to get him – puppy bowls are out, dog blankets ready, and toys waiting.  If that’s not anxious I don’t know what is!  
I’ll be sure to stay more on top of things after school is completely done.  Until then, you probably won’t be hearing from me.  I’ve got 100 internship hours to finish, six essays to write, three finals to go, and not enough time to do it all.  Graduation…ready or not, here I come.
I’ll see ya on the other side!

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