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Can I just say that I am so glad that last week is over.  Finals were a beast.  I had six finals total and I ended up taking four of them in one day.  Definitely not my smartest move.  Here’s how that day went…my first final was scheduled for 7am so I headed off to school at 6:30 that morning.  That final took an hour and a half so I finished by about 8:30.  I went straight to the testing center to take my next final which took three and a half hours.  It was ridiculous.  By the time I finished that one, it was 12pm and I went straight to the Wilk to study for my next final.  I studied until one, took it, and finished by two.  Then I went back to the testing center, studied until 3:30 for the next one and was finally done taking it at 5:30pm.  It was killer.  By the end of the day my hand had the worst writing cramps ever and even started bleeding along the side that rests on the paper.  It was a long day!
Following that not so lovely week, we were able to relax and celebrate in Park City for our friend, Abe’s birthday.  He turned 30 so it was a big one.  We headed up on Friday night, went to dinner, then went bowling at a chic, 21 and older only, bowling alley.  It was the first time since I’ve turned 21 that I actually had to use my ID for something, I felt so special :)
The boys got a little frisky…
After bowling until midnight, we headed over to the resort we were staying at.  Me and Aust gave Abe the coveted aggravation board as a gift so we played that well into the night.  
We followed up with a few rounds of Great Dalmuti and at 4:30am decided to sneak out onto the roof hot tub.  I guess when you turn 30 you have to stay up all night to keep yourself young ;)  We came back in a little after 5 and finally went to bed.  Saturday morning we checked out and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  It was delicious.
Saturday evening, our friends Matt and Amanda came over to decorate gingerbread houses (more like graham cracker houses).  Here’s a little preview of how that turned out.
They had a little trouble getting theirs to stay standing, hence the frosting everywhere.  I thought that it ended up looking like a nice church building with the steeple on top and all.  We’ll just say that’s what they were going for :) 
 It was a fun but exhausting weekend!  Tomorrow morning we’re flying out to Colorado to spend Christmas with the fam.  Can’t wait!
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