thanksgiving twenty seventeen

This Thanksgiving we made the trek to Colorado to spend the holiday with my fam.  All the siblings were able to come this year which was THE best.  Love those moments of togetherness.  Scarlett and Ellis did awesome on the drive there, Ellis slept a huge chunk of the time and Scarlett has just become an awesome road tripper with age.  We could hardly even get her to watch a movie because she had her eye on the prize and was too excited to get to Gigi’s house haha.  Once we arrived the weekend was filled with tasty eating, lots of chatting, bridal shower prepping, cover your assets playing, spiderman watching, park going, christmas light viewing fun (+a coupla unfortunate events in the form of a car dying, phone getting obliterated sort of way – SHILO ROCKS).

Loved every second!  The drive home didn’t go quite as smoothly….

Ellis did not sleep so well, he did not enjoy being in his seat, and he let us know it!  He was going nuts which made Scarlett go a little nuts (she was literally pulling her hair out the last like fifteen minutes haha), and mama just tried to keep her sanity by taking snapchats to share the madness with the family.  But we made it.  And Scarlett asks me every day when we can drive back to Gigi’s house to play with “Gigi’s mermaid and Gigi’s horse in the kid room with the tiny door.”  Building myself up to take the drive solo sometime soon when the weather is warm and Ellis doesn’t hate the car haha.

Overall such a great trip and an amazing Thanksgiving with all the people I love most!

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the most wonderful time of the year

Moving right along.

Despite us spending the actual Christmas holiday in Colorado, I was quite determined to have Christmas lights up on our house for the holiday season. I mean, do it for the kids, right? ;) Austin was a good sport and obliged – which meant a lot of measuring and researching and calculating to figure out what kind of lights to get, how many lights we would need to fulfill all my wishes, etc. etc. Thankful for him!

Daddy done good! Not pictured are the trees in our front yard that he wrapped in lights so perfectly. I had multiple neighbors telling me that our trees looked like the ones at temple square haha. Professional status!

The day before Thanksgiving we took Scarlett to the movie theater to experience her first “weeeeally big show”. We saw Trolls which was (and still is) a big hit.  She lasted through the movie really well and thoroughly enjoyed herself

[+the sour patch watermelons].

We spent Thanksgiving day with Austin’s family and ate lots of yummy food. I also experienced my first “solo” pie making (aka not at my mom’s house with her helping the whole time haha). I did, however, use my mom’s cream pie recipe and asked for some tips via text along the way after ruining the first store bought pie crust I tried baking haha. So maybe not a completely solo experience, buuut I’m still taking it. I think there was enough pie/cheesecake for every person to have their own if they really wanted haha. Now that’s my kind of selection!


Soon after Thanksgiving we pulled out the tree as part of our festive, we-won’t-even-be-at-our-house-for-Christmas efforts. Scarlett loved every minute of decorating that tree so it was totally worth it! Again, do it for the kids, right? :)

Plus those ornaments provided hours of entertainment as she carefully rearranged them each day. That kind of entertainment is priceless to a mama!

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november in colorado

About halfway through November, I flew to Colorado with Scarlett to visit the family for a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Austin stayed back to work, (we missed daddy those ten days!) but he was able to come out for the holiday weekend with Taylor and Lynnea.

 We played our hearts out at Gigi’s, lounged, chatted, got hairs did, play-dated with Lizzie and her nephew, shopped, baked, feasted, and played some more. A perfect visit!


Scarlett {thankfully} really enjoyed the airport (her new Mickey D toy helped haha). Our flight didn’t leave til like 8:30 pm so I was nervous she would get tired and lose her cool but we made it break down free!



Then she was so pumped to be there that she didn’t go to bed until 1:30 am that night. Let’s just say that started a little bit of a trend so the days and nights were loooong for this mama throughout that first week. Thankfully the good company made it very bearable!


^^My mom had this cute puzzle waiting for Scarlett the morning after we arrived. Thank you, Gigi!




^^Her new found love…Mr. Potatohead.





Scarlett helped Gigi roll some dough and made this masterpiece…



Then we enjoyed a little date night to Red Robin with Gigi and Grandpa Billy.











^^And there was a whole lotta snow.


^^Thanks for the new do mamita! Love love love it.

Thanksgiving day was supa great.



Aust and I took on the cheese tray prep.


Pretty fancy if I do say so myself. Lynnea’s family joined us around noon and we dined on some cheese and veggies while we waited for dinner to finish cooking. Scarlett must have been worn out because after eating probably a whole can of olives, she passed out.


This might sound awful but I had hoped and hoped that she would nap through Thanksgiving dinner so I could eat in peace :) And boy did my girl come through! Not only did she nap through dinner, she slept for four hours. I got to eat, take a nice little nap, work on a puzzle, and play some games baby free. My lucky day. Once she finally woke up we got her settled in for her own little feast.









Love our baby girl!

That weekend we snapped a few pictures for my parent’s Christmas card…




…then went to Crave to really top our bellies off.


^^That fried square on the burger was like half a block of cream cheese. No holding back! And mmm those fries. Sooooo good.





On Sunday we hit the road and headed back to Utah.


So thankful for the time I was able to spend there and so thankful for my family! Love them.

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For Thanksgiving this year we stuck around home and spent the day with the Anderson clan!  The feast was delish and the company great.







 And this is what a gathering turns into in a home full of percussionists…





Scarlett’s first Thanksgiving is in the books.  It was a great day!

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it’s about time

So I think it’s time that I enter the blog world.  I am horrible at keeping a journal or anything that helps record life events so this is probably my best shot.  Bear with me as I learn how to use this thing and try to make my blog more visually appealing :)
Life as of lately…Me and Aust absolutely love being married.  It has been such a fun, exciting, crazy, busy, adventurous, life-changing nine months.  Almost ten!  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  Time is flying by.  I love to joke about how we could be having a baby right now if we made a honeymooner.  We are both very thankful that I can just joke about it, in no way do I wish that was reality.
The morning after we got married, we left on a super early flight to Mexico for our honeymoon! It was perfect.

I mean, going from freezing cold, snowy Utah to this?  Heaven.

We stayed in a beautiful villa at an all inclusive resort.  It was the best.  This little guy kept creeping in our room and freaking me out though.

After our honeymoon, we flew straight to Colorado for our open house.  It was full of family, friends, and lots of cookies.  Definitely a great way to wrap up all the wedding festivities.

Why yes, this is my dad dipping Austin and kissing him on the cheek.  Aust just loves times like this.

Once we got back to Utah, we spent a couple months living with my Syddall grandparents while we were in the process of closing on our house.  I am eternally grateful for their generosity in letting us raid their home.  We were spoiled rotten the entire time and loved spending time with them.  I can never get enough of grandpa’s stories and grandma’s lovin.

At the beginning of April, we were finally able to move into our cute townhouse!  We love it.  3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and an unfinished basement.  The extra space is amazing.

I am no good at making decisions so decorating has been troublesome for me.  Luckily, Austin has pushed me along a little bit so we are making progress.  Now painting…that’s another story.  It will probably be the death of me.  I think we started painting downstairs around June and we still aren’t done.  That would be thanks to me and my dreading to do it.  I’ll shoot for this weekend – or maybe next :) 

Other than that, we’ve just been enjoying life and keeping ourselves very busy.  Aust just started doing insurance with my Dad’s company, on top of his current job and his band stuff.  He is a busy boy!  Here’s my plug – if you live in Utah and would like a home/auto insurance quote, fill out the form here :) He works for a few different insurance companies so he is able to shop around and find you the best deal.  He could save you some mula!  As for me, I’m just going to school and working which keeps me quite occupied as well.  Just one semester left! I’ll be graduating in April and cannot wait.

This past week, we spent Thanksgiving with Austin’s family.  First time I haven’t been at home, crazy.  We were with his extended family and we had some delicious food and good company, including five dogs.  Let’s just say, I am no longer puppy hungry.  At all.  Me and Aust had been considering getting a dog but I think I’ll fall back on my plan to wait until after we’ve had all our kids.

And that about brings us up to date!  In a very broad way :)  Hopefully I can stay on top of it now that I have somewhat more of a motivation to do it.  Stay tuned.

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