the past month{s} in review

I’m behind, again.  Why do I always do this to myself.  Fair warning…this is going to be a long post with a whole lot crammed in.  I want to get all caught up before Scarlett turns one next week.  What in the world!

Scarlett is changing by the day I swear.  She’s in this stage where she’s just picking up on all these big milestones in a super short amount of time.  She finally started crawling on March 22nd, just shy of being ten months old.  Then a little over a week later, she took her first solo steps (not too surprising – walking has always been her preferred method of getting around).  My family was even in town to witness both of these life changers for her which was fun.  She’s the shyest girl I know, but she can turn it on for an audience.


Mint M&M’s from Lexee’s bridal shower the night before did the trick.  Who woulda thought?

Then she became our little ten month old.



^^This is what she really thought about it most the time haha

IMG_6401 IMG_6395-COLLAGE IMG_6380


Such a goofball.

Then we celebrated her first Easter.









IMG_6505 IMG_6443-COLLAGE IMG_6442


The week after that, Auntie Lex got married.














You can see all the pictures and read about that here and here.

Then Scarlett started getting a little more confident with her steps and liked playing the walk-back-and-forth-between-mom-and-dad game.

We thought for sure that she would be walking everywhere within a few days of that but instead she got more and more cautious, to the point where she wouldn’t even take one step without my hand to hold.  She must not have been a fan of the occasional hard hit she was taking during her endeavors haha.  I was so disappointed because the end of my hunch over, walk-me-around-for-hours-mama, I’ll-throw-a-tantrum-til-you-do days seemed right at my fingertips!  Some may have called it naive, but I was 100 percent sure that my life would get so much easier when she started walking on her own. (And people, it has.  I’m in heaven with my walking girl.) For anyone that’s spent a decent amount of time around our sweet little Scarlett, you get me.  I just call it mama’s girl to the extreme.

On April 27th I took Scarlett for her first swim at the pool with Brittney and Ollie.  I was a little nervous about how she would react but she loved it (even though her face in most these pictures suggests otherwise).  It’s our new fave activity around here.






And then she was our eleven month old.


^^”Really, guys? This again?”


^^”They call me tubby.”


^^”Eh I guess this isn’t so bad.”


^^”Wait, I’m eleven months old? Say whaaat!?”

Right there with you girl, right there with you.  Time flies unbelievably fast.

Then this past Friday, May 15th, she decided she was ready and started really walking!  I didn’t have to be there on the other end coercing her, her little hand wasn’t glued to mine every waking hour of the day, it. was. awesome.  She’s definitely still a little wobbly but her confidence is growing more and more everyday.  She still likes to hold my hand if I’m there to offer it to her, and you can see the nervous look on her face every time she’s walking an extra long stretch but it’s quickly fading away.  She’s especially cautious on the tile which is nice because I don’t have to worry as much that she’s gonna do something crazy.  It’s even gotten to the point this week where I don’t feel like I have to be right there to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself too badly, she’s getting the balance thing down pat and I am loving it.

This week we’ve just been prepping for her party and trying to wrap our minds around how it’s already been a year!


While we were out shopping we naturally had to try a party hat on, she refuses to wear anything on her head so I wanted to see if it was at all possible.  To my surprise, she was pretty ok with it!  I think she felt beautiful.  Hopefully she’ll like it just as much next week.



^^Then I couldn’t leave these out from earlier this week, I mean those babies!!  We still grocery shop with Kaitlin and Bennett pretty much weekly.  We love it.  And them.

And finally to wrap things up, Tuesday night we were able to go to the Payson Temple open house with some friends.  It is the prettiest temple, definitely a must see!


So so thankful for temples and eternal families.  We are blessed!

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one year

The year mark has come and gone.  

I can’t believe that is has been a year since this beautiful, crisp, blue-skied day.  Aust and I were talking about how the year flew by but it seems like forever ago that we were in Mexico.  Guess that means it’s time for vacay number two :)  

Here’s a little overview of our one year anniversary celebrations.  
Aust returned home with these beauties in hand and tickets to the Jazz game.  He’s definitely a keeper.  We headed up to Salt Lake, went to dinner, and made our way over to the arena.
After we got home, we had a nice bite of the top tier of our wedding cake that has been stored so lovingly in Austin’s parents freezer all year.
And yes, we did feed it to each other like it was our wedding day…cheesy I know :)

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.  I love him more and more and more every day.  By far the best year ever with a million more to come.
I love you baby!  

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it’s about time

So I think it’s time that I enter the blog world.  I am horrible at keeping a journal or anything that helps record life events so this is probably my best shot.  Bear with me as I learn how to use this thing and try to make my blog more visually appealing :)
Life as of lately…Me and Aust absolutely love being married.  It has been such a fun, exciting, crazy, busy, adventurous, life-changing nine months.  Almost ten!  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  Time is flying by.  I love to joke about how we could be having a baby right now if we made a honeymooner.  We are both very thankful that I can just joke about it, in no way do I wish that was reality.
The morning after we got married, we left on a super early flight to Mexico for our honeymoon! It was perfect.

I mean, going from freezing cold, snowy Utah to this?  Heaven.

We stayed in a beautiful villa at an all inclusive resort.  It was the best.  This little guy kept creeping in our room and freaking me out though.

After our honeymoon, we flew straight to Colorado for our open house.  It was full of family, friends, and lots of cookies.  Definitely a great way to wrap up all the wedding festivities.

Why yes, this is my dad dipping Austin and kissing him on the cheek.  Aust just loves times like this.

Once we got back to Utah, we spent a couple months living with my Syddall grandparents while we were in the process of closing on our house.  I am eternally grateful for their generosity in letting us raid their home.  We were spoiled rotten the entire time and loved spending time with them.  I can never get enough of grandpa’s stories and grandma’s lovin.

At the beginning of April, we were finally able to move into our cute townhouse!  We love it.  3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and an unfinished basement.  The extra space is amazing.

I am no good at making decisions so decorating has been troublesome for me.  Luckily, Austin has pushed me along a little bit so we are making progress.  Now painting…that’s another story.  It will probably be the death of me.  I think we started painting downstairs around June and we still aren’t done.  That would be thanks to me and my dreading to do it.  I’ll shoot for this weekend – or maybe next :) 

Other than that, we’ve just been enjoying life and keeping ourselves very busy.  Aust just started doing insurance with my Dad’s company, on top of his current job and his band stuff.  He is a busy boy!  Here’s my plug – if you live in Utah and would like a home/auto insurance quote, fill out the form here :) He works for a few different insurance companies so he is able to shop around and find you the best deal.  He could save you some mula!  As for me, I’m just going to school and working which keeps me quite occupied as well.  Just one semester left! I’ll be graduating in April and cannot wait.

This past week, we spent Thanksgiving with Austin’s family.  First time I haven’t been at home, crazy.  We were with his extended family and we had some delicious food and good company, including five dogs.  Let’s just say, I am no longer puppy hungry.  At all.  Me and Aust had been considering getting a dog but I think I’ll fall back on my plan to wait until after we’ve had all our kids.

And that about brings us up to date!  In a very broad way :)  Hopefully I can stay on top of it now that I have somewhat more of a motivation to do it.  Stay tuned.

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